Japanese Man Runs 42 KM Marathon On Traditional Wooden Shoes

For many of us, a marathon can be challenging if we aren’t used to running long distances and with less endurance. Imagine running a marathon with something made of wood on your feet.

Recently, a man from Japan completed the Osaka Marathon wearing traditional sandals, which can be considered wooden clogs, and shorter stilts.

The runner finished the 42-kilometer race in under three and a quarter hours. Takanobu Minoshima achieved this feat in Osaka Marathon 2023 was held on February 26.

The sandals worn by the man are known as geta. These clogs made from wood are balanced on two or one stilts. In this man’s case, his geta is only one tooth per shoe, which implies that it took more skill than the person to balance on it when running.

In a video posted to a Facebook page, he ran slowly, as if walking on tip-toes, while other runners ran effortlessly.

Despite the uncomfortable shoes, Minoshima was all smiles when he reached the 15.5-km mark—and even waved to the crowd. When he reached the 27-kilometer mark, after which he turned around, that was more difficult for him due to the footwear he chose.

The outcome, Mr. Minoshima completed the 42 km race in just three hours and 28 mins and 55 seconds, with his five-kilometer duration averaging less than 25 minutes.

The Japanese runner hails from Sapporo, Hokkaido, and is said to be a fan of Japanese traditions and sports. So, his decision to compete in marathons while wearing Japanese footwear results from his passions.

Sohu informs us it’s the 13th time Ms. Minoshima has run the marathon in one-tooth getas.


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