Japanese Movie ‘Drive My Car’ Receives Four Oscar Nominations!

An incredible Japanese movie, ‘Drive My Car,’ which was released in 2021, has made history as the Japanese movie to receive 4 Oscar Nominations! One of those nominations is for Best director for Ryusuke Hamaguchi.

The nominations for the best film, best director, best screenplay adaptation, and the first-ever nomination won by a Japanese-produced movie for the best international feature.

His films of a particular style reveal his fascination with the psychology of social constructs and the awkward situations people are in because of the construction of walls instead of breaking them down. His works recently have been getting quite the attention. He co-wrote “Wife of a Spy,” recipient of the best director award in Venice Film Festival, and his feature “Wheel Of Fortune and Fantasy” also took the silver bear jury in the 2021 Berlinale.

Drive my car oscar japanese movie

“Drive My Car” is an adaptation of a tale by Japanese writer Haruki Murakami; the film examines the relationship between a theatre director who is closed off suffering from the sudden loss of his wife and the woman he has hired to drive his car.

Drive my car oscar nominations

The film that is among the highly praised films of Cannes, the story is centred around Yusuke Kafuku, a theatre actor and director who is happily married to his wife, a playwright. Two years later, his wife goes missing, and Kafuku is asked to stage a production of Uncle Vanya. Despite his protests, he must be chauffeured throughout the duration of the production by Misaki.


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