Japanese News Anchor Bursts Into Tears While Reporting About Putin Awarding Soldiers For Bucha Massacre

The unnamed anchor broke into tears when she revealed to viewers that Vladimir Putin had given the Russian soldiers the award for being a role models in special military operations in Ukraine.

She had to stop her broadcast because she could not control her emotions as she gave the news.

japanese anchor cries while reading news

She appeared to be wiping a tear from her eyes and said, “There are still many civilians trapped in the bunker.” …’ I am so sorry.

She cried more and said: “The latest news that Putin was honoring the soldier makes it…sorry, it wasn’t frustrating to read that news. I’ll be calm.”

Her colleagues looked on as she continued to speak before taking a deep breath and saying: “The Ukrainian war has entered an entirely new phase …”

After the video was posted online, her expression of emotion sparked an immediate flood of support.

Watch as a Japanese newsreader weeps during a broadcast about Russian troops being praised for the Bucha massacre.

Putin awards soldiers for bucha massacre

Suddenly, she stopped the live broadcast and tried to continue by saying: “There are still many civilians trapped in the bunker.” …’ I am so sorry.

Vladimir Putin had paid tribute to the soldiers after they massacred Ukrainians near Kyiv.

Her supporters praised her courage.

Many, including Reddit users, her courage has been praised, wrote: “It’s a big deal for Japanese people to do this in public.”

“That woman is a saint, and we should all be proud of her.” Another said, “Beautiful woman from the outside and inside.” God bless her.

BioDominion Humanica, a Twitter user, posted: “There is something beautiful at this moment.”

Putin awards soldiers for bucha massacre

Ukraine and significant western countries had charged Russia with war crimes in Bucha when the northern city was under Russian occupation.


Source: DailyMail

All the respective images are screen grabs from TvAsahi

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