Jimmy Kimmel Blasts USA as “Filthy and Disgusting” After Japan Trip

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel got a rude awakening about America’s cleanliness standards during his recent family vacation to Japan. His eye-opening experience has sparked a heated debate about why the U.S. seems to be falling behind other developed nations when it comes to public hygiene and civic pride.

“We Are Like Hogs Compared to the Japanese”

On his show this week, Kimmel recounted how his time in Japan shattered his previous assumptions about America being a relatively clean and hygienic society.

“After traveling to Japan, I realize that this place – this USA we’re always chanting about – is a filthy and disgusting country,” Kimmel stated bluntly.

He went on to contrast the immaculate public bathrooms he encountered across Japan versus the generally poor standards in the United States.

“Not only did I not encounter a single dirty bathroom, the bathrooms in Tokyo and Kyoto are cleaner than our operating rooms here,” he marveled. “Everywhere you go, the bathrooms are clean. They have those toilets that wash you from the inside out – not just in hotels, but restaurants, bars, truck stops!”

Japan’s Cleanliness Culture Shines Through

Beyond just pristine restrooms, Kimmel emphasized how Japan’s clean streets and lack of littering left him with a profound sense of America’s grubbiness in comparison.

“There’s no litter – people carry their own trash,” he explained. “There are no garbage cans in Tokyo [after they were removed due to a terrorist attack], yet everyone cleans up after themselves.”

“It’s like the whole country is Disneyland, and we’re living at Six Flags,” Kimmel quipped. “I’ve never felt dirtier. We are like hogs compared to the Japanese.”

Reddit Reacts: America’s “Disgusting” Lack of Cleanliness

The comedian’s candid takedown of America’s cleanliness standards struck a nerve with Reddit users, many of whom seemed to agree with his harsh assessment:

“The biggest flex about Japan is going to Shibuya or Shinjuku at 3-4 am and seeing how trashed it looks. But by 6 am? It’s clean again. Those cleaners are superheroes.” – HiroLegito

“I couldn’t get over how public restrooms were pretty clean in Tokyo, and how people just…didn’t litter. We’re disgusting in America.” – The_Number_None

“Don’t worry USA, the UK is just as bad.” – G0rri1a

“Japan is super clean yes and there’s no real negative side to this…The Japanese are taught very early on to respect public property. Kids have to clean their own classroom, participate in cleaning the school and serve meals at lunch.” – Matttthhhhhhhhhhh

“Why were people laughing at this? There was absolutely nothing funny about anything he said. He was just describing his trip.” – SteveYunnan

America’s Cleanliness Crisis Runs Deep

The cultural emphasis on public cleanliness and maintaining shared spaces is widely seen as a core tenet of Japanese society. This mindset appears to be sorely lacking in the United States and many other Western nations.

Whether stemming from differing cultural attitudes, underfunded municipal services, or indifference from the general public, America’s perceived slide into grubbiness highlights an unmissable divergence from basic civic norms around public facilities and spaces.

If Kimmel’s viral rant is any indication, growing disdain for littered streets, deteriorating infrastructure, and unsanitary conditions could soon force communities across the country to deeply rethink their approaches to public hygiene and civic engagement.

Faced with the harsh reality of being viewed as the world’s “garbage people,” the United States may finally need to get its act – and trashcans – together to meet developed-world standards of cleanliness and public space maintenance. Otherwise, it risks ceding the moral high ground to squeaky-clean nations like Japan.

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