JR West Uses VR Controlled Gundam-Style Robot To Fix Power Lines

HTML0, a Japanese company, takes service robotics to a new level by creating a massive humanoid robot for maintenance. 

JR west uses gundam style robot to fix power lines

In line with what New Atlas and other blogs revealed that as reported by other blogs, the West Japan Rail Company, also called JR West, is now employing a giant Gundam-style robotic to repair power lines that are remote to railway lines. And to make it more exciting, the robot is controlled by a human with VR-equipped equipment. 

With a massive barrel-chested body that’s mounted on an arm of a hydraulic crane that can carry it up to 32 feet into the air, the maintenance robot’s head appears somewhat like the Pixar characters like “WALL-E.” It can move in sync with the movements of the human pilot, who directs it to which direction to look at and what it should accomplish. 

JR west uses gundam style robot to fix power lines

However, this individual robot is the only prototype and such robots won’t be brought in use until 2024. It’s a fascinating look at the future for service robots that have mostly scared people when they pursue them through shops or, worse, assist with police arrests and border patrolling



While the railroad industry created it, there’s no doubt that once it’s made available to purchase, the other markets are likely to be keen on getting involved.

The futurity of robots in service might includes more Gundam than police robots! 


Source: Futurism , Reuters

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