Kei Komuro, Husband Of Former Japanese Princess Mako Finally Passes Bar Exam On 3rd Attempt

On his third attempt, the former Princess Of Akishino’s husband has finally passed the New York Bar exam. The bar exam result held in July this year was published in the latter half of October, and Kei Komuro also had his name among the passed students.

The pair were engaged in 2017 after former princess Mako decided to marry her commoner lover. After many hurdles, they were united in marriage in November 2021 and settled in New York.

He had failed the two bar exams he had taken prior, and everyone was suspicious of his ability to care for the former princess. There were a lot of protests about their marriage, especially since some news about the financial situation of Komuro’s mother and her ex-husband came into the spotlight, which Komuro had resolved before their wedding.

Kei Komuro and Princess Mako in a press conference before their marriage.

On the outside, Japan looks futuristic with all the latest technologies and lifestyle innovations. Still, it values traditional ideals and has a lot of unconventional social norms. About 38% of the Japanese population is above 60 years old (Wikipedia), which also translates towards the general ideals of the country.

Some completely unnecessary customs include being in the office until your seniors are done with their work, you are frowned upon if you eat in public while walking, and how you aren’t supposed to discuss salary and work environment in a job interview.

When Mako, the current Emperor’s niece and daughter of the crown prince, decided to marry a commoner, there was an outrage in the country. Even after their marriage, many media outlets followed them around New York City to get a glimpse of her life outside the Imperial Family. Many criticized her informal attire as the Japanese were used to seeing her wearing grand ceremonial dress fitting of a member of the Royal Family.

Although it was not the first time a member of the royal family had married a commoner, this pair initially received a lot of backlashes. They were previously criticizing how Komuro couldn’t pass the bar exam. Now, since he has passed, naysayers have already moved on to criticize that his salary couldn’t nearly be enough to provide for his wife. Previously there were also some rumors regarding Mako and how she now has got a job in a museum.

Komuro is currently employed in a law company in New York. The bar exam he took has a staggering 66% pass percentage this year, with more than 6350 students out of 9609 passing. Now the couple is looking to move out of Clinton into a better neighborhood, and Komuro’s mother is supposed to join the pair soon.

Former Princess Mako reached 31, the same age as her husband, on October 23, and they completed a year of their marriage on October 26.

Former Japanese Princess Mako spotted with commoner husband Kei Komuro on a stroll in casual attire on New York.

Japan’s current Emperor also married a commoner wife; however, she was reluctant at first cause she was a successful lady and thought her freedom would be taken away after marrying into the imperial family, but she finally agreed after the Emperor’s third proposal.

But marrying into the royal family faces few backlashes rather than marrying out of the royal family. It will take getting some used to for our former Emperor in a country with entirely different norms than Japan. However, tons wish for her well-being and a continuous successful marriage.

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