KFC Japan’s New Garlic-Flavored Fried Chicken Made to Pair With Beer

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has done it again, this time debuting a new garlic-infused fried chicken in Japan purposefully crafted to complement beer and liquors.

Product NameGarlic Crispy
DescriptionKernel Crispy chicken pieces seasoned with garlic, soy sauce and garlic-flavored oil sauce
Unique Selling PointSpecifically created to complement beer and alcoholic drinks
Package Offerings– Kanpai (Cheers) Barrel: 3 Garlic Crispy + 4 Original Recipe (<¥1,680>)
– 3-piece Garlic Crispy Set (<¥600>)
Individual Pricing<¥290 per piece>
Available DatesLaunch: Nov 29, 2023
Limited quantity, while supplies last
OutletsAll KFC locations in Japan
NotesFocused on balanced garlic flavor to distinguish from raw garlic; proud creation perfect for year-end party season

Dubbed “Ninniku Crispy,” the chicken features KFC’s signature blend of secret spices combined with extra garlic, soy sauce, and a final drenching in garlic oil. KFC claims that after extensive testing, the result is a harmonious balance of flavors that drastically improves the drinking experience.

Launching this Wednesday, November 29th, Ninniku Crispy will be sold individually and in exclusive “Kanpai” (Cheers) Buckets containing three Ninniku Crispy pieces and four standard Original Recipe chicken. Priced at 1,680 yen ($11), the bucket is clearly marketed for Japanese office Christmas parties and holiday gatherings.

Early social media buzz has been overwhelmingly positive, with fans praising KFC’s constant innovation and seasonal specialty items. This also comes on the heels of their recent Miso Garlic Chicken, a spicy, miso-marinated offering also aimed at the impending holiday party circuit.

While unusual in Western markets, fast food and fried chicken chains in Japan frequently debut specialty menu items timed with seasons, events, and holidays. And KFC is arguably the most prolific with new offerings, enticing return customers while driving social media impressions and coverage.

It remains to be seen whether Ninniku Crispy will be as popular as prior KFC Japan hits like tempura chicken, truffle-infused chicken, and even a Colonel Sanders dating simulator. But the company clearly knows their customer base and what makes a chicken dish shareworthy.

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