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Video of Japanese Snowboarder in a Kimono Gone Viral

In January 2023, a video went viral of a young Japanese woman snowboarding gracefully down a mountain in Nagano while wearing a beautiful red kimono. 20-year-old Sumire Morino was celebrating Coming of Age Day, a holiday in Japan that marks when youth turn 20 and become adults.



While most get dressed up in kimonos and attend ceremonies, Morino decided to embrace her passion for snowboarding on this special day. Her video captivated viewers around the world, garnering over 5 million views.

The Significance of the Kimono

On Coming of Age Day, it’s tradition for women to wear an elegant kimono called a furisode. This style of kimono is recognizable for its long, swinging sleeves. Furisode kimonos are typically worn by unmarried women and reserved for formal occasions.

Morino specifically wore a red furisode she purchased for 20,000 yen (about $153). By wearing this special kimono to go snowboarding, Morino put a creative spin on tradition. She honored her culture while doing an activity she loved.

Conquering the Slopes in Style

Initially, Morino was worried the long kimono sleeves would get in the way while snowboarding. But the video shows her gliding down the mountain with ease, sleeves billowing gracefully behind her.

Morino’s vivid red kimono flowed beautifully as she zipped down the slopes. The bright fabric contrasted vibrantly with the white snow. Overall, she achieved a look that was both elegant and adventurous.

Blending Old and New

Morino’s viral video demonstrates a modern take on Japanese tradition. She blended rituals for Coming of Age Day with her personal passion for snowboarding.

In Japanese culture, kimonos symbolize femininity and coming of age. By wearing a furisode kimono to snowboard, Morino put her own unique twist on the garment’s traditional significance. She honored her culture while expressing her individuality.

Morino’s video captivated viewers because it blended old and new in an eye-catching way. She took a traditional kimono beyond its expected environment and function, creating something fresh and innovative. Her creativity made Coming of Age Day feel current and exciting.

The video’s popularity shows many found Morino’s approach inspiring. She demonstrated how traditions can be adapted to fit our interests and values. By wearing a kimono her own way, Morino made Coming of Age Day relevant to who she is. Her video encourages others to take traditions they love and make them their own.

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