Koi Fishes Thrive In Clean Drains Of Shimabara City of Japan

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The city of Shimabara on the Kyushu island of Japan is renowned for its remarkable cleanliness and hygiene. Students take it upon themselves to clean their classrooms and volunteer to clean their community once a month. Residents come together to celebrate the harvest and clean up the remaining waste. Every household separates its trash into burnable, recyclable, and organic waste.

Koi Fish in Street Drains: A Unique Attraction

What makes Shimabara truly unique, however, is the presence of Koi fish living in the city’s street drains. In 1972, the local authorities released more than a hundred Koi fish into the drainage system to promote tourism. Now, more than a thousand Koi fish inhabit the drains, some of them measuring up to 50 cm in length.

City Pride and Tourism

This city has become a popular tourist destination, and the locals take great pride in the Koi fish. They take every step necessary to maintain the cleanliness of the city and the health of the fish. Photos of the city and its inhabitants are indeed a sight to behold.


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