Man Cuts Costs by Downsizing to Small Japanese Import Truck

In an effort to cut costs and stand out from the crowd, Peyton Hathaway of Billings, Montana, has joined a small but growing group of Americans who are opting for tiny Japanese imported trucks known as “kei trucks.”

Hathaway recently purchased a 1992 Honda Acty, a diminutive vehicle with a 660cc three-cylinder engine, for around $5,000.

The truck had only 40,000 miles on the odometer. “I was fortunate enough to pick mine up in the States. I bought it off a guy in Missoula, but most of the time you have to import ’em straight from Japan,” Hathaway explained.

Compared to the average pre-owned truck in the $25,000 to $35,000 range, kei trucks offer significant cost savings. However, they come with some unique challenges, such as the right-hand drive configuration which takes some getting used to.

Nolan Fisher, general manager of a local Chrysler Jeep Dodge dealership, noted that while these tiny trucks might work for some as daily drivers, they likely can’t handle the typical “blue-collar” work many Montanans use their trucks for.

Hathaway has put about $400-500 into initial repairs, mostly replacing aging rubber components. While kei trucks aren’t allowed on interstates due to their low power, he’s seen people on Instagram hauling surprisingly large loads in them.

The Acty brings smiles and jealous stares wherever it goes. For Hathaway, downsizing to this unique tiny truck has provided both cost savings and a chance to stand out on the streets of Billings.

As more look to cut expenses, kei trucks may become an increasingly common sight, even if they can’t replace the full utility of a traditional pickup.

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