Masahiro Sugata and Michiya Nakamura who is the senior of the office are revealed

Mr. Masaki Sugata of the actor appeared on the radio program “All Night Nippon of Sugita Masaki” (Nippon Broadcasting) which was broadcasted late at night on October 8, 2018.

I revealed an episode saved by Mr. Michiya Nakamura, actor, senior of the office.

Mr. Nakamura made his debut as an actor in the 2005 public movie “Seven people’s funeral”.

Although the accumulation era continued from there for a long time, recently NHK continuous television novel “1 half, blue, broadcasted in the first half of 2018. “, Drama” Cliff Petit Hotel! “(Japanese TV series), etc. Chameleon actor who is rapidly increasing in popularity now with casts to many topical works stand out.

In addition, Mr. Nakamura’s first publication work “Children’s Poetry” released on August 1 sold 11,000 copies a week and won first prize at the photo collection division of Oricon Weekly BOOK rankings.

There is a fresh look and there are many female fans.

Mr. Nakamura is announced on this day’s broadcast to appear as a guest on the program’s October 15th broadcasting round.

Ms. Sugata introduced Mr. Nakamura as “a senior who has been indebted to me since long ago.”

At the time of my debut, when I had trouble for the first time, I was worried, Mr. Tomoya who was practicing next to me came up.

You guessed it, did not he? Seeing the juniors holding their heads.

Mr. Sugita confided the trouble, Mr. Nakamura said that he put such words.

Listen to the story “What’s wrong?”

(Mr. Nakamura) While grinning, please leave a nice word like “Do not knowing what you can not do when you are young is a good time?”

For a moment I was seriously saved.

It’s like “Thank you” while half crying.
Mr. Sugita seems to have been saved by Mr. Nakamura’s words and smile at that time.

Also, Mr. Nakamura listens to the songs that Ms. Sugita sings on a daily basis, and recently said that they said “I’m listening to Sugata’s song, like this” by e-mail.

Therefore, Mr. Sugata says “Mr. Matsuzaka Momoi is nothing like that”, Mr. Momozaka Matsuzaka who is also the senior at the office is also said, Nakamura He praised Mr.’s personality.

Voice continued after Nakamura Munya came to like it more! Public reaction
It is a good interview, it feels like a good brother.

· I like Mr. Nakamura more.

· Mr. Nakamura’s kind person is transmitted from the appearance as well.

· It is surely a person who is also dependent on other juniors.

· Mr. Matsuzaka only talk about “Yu-Gi-Oh!” Even so, Mr. Sugata probably likes Mr. Matsuzaka like that, too.
Mr. Sugita says Mr. Nakamura is a pretty solid person among the talent who belongs to the office. Even in the year-end party where the talent of the office gathers, it is Nakamura-san that will give you a greeting at the end.

Mr. Matsuzaka on the other hand appeared on Mr. Sugata’s radio at the numbering, but it is quite free person to talk only about the favorite app game “Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links” with the advertisement soaked up.
However, being able to make Mr. Matsuzaka as a story of a talk is because it is good friends.

In fact, Mr. Suga when Mr. Matsuzaka guest appearance on the radio was happy talking. Moreover, under the influence of Mr. Matsuzaka, Mr. Sugata is also playing “Yu-Gi-Oh!”

Neither Mr. Nakamura nor Mr. Matsuzaka would be a favorite senior who has a different reason for Mr. Sugata.

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