McDonalds In Japan Now Have Phone Sanitizers Built Into Their Sinks

The importance of hand washing should be taught at the earliest age, and the recent escalation of the pandemic has emphasized its importance. And you might be surprised if you were told that you were always carrying a big bag of germs and bacteria with you and touching it.

Yes, we are talking about your smartphones. One study from the University Of Arizona showed that if people aren’t careful about their smartphones’ sanitation, it might sometimes contain 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. McDonald’s in Japan now even provide you a solution for this. 

And what a delight it would be if you found a perfect smartphone sanitizer at a place you visit often. A tweet recently surfaced showcasing an embedded phone washing station inside the bathroom of McDonald’s in Japan became viral because it cleans the phone within a matter of seconds.

This tweet comes with an illustrative video demonstrating precisely how the feature works. The video observes the user placing the phone into a small slot. The phone is automatically lowered, and white light shines through the top of the station while your phone is being cleaned. When it’s clean, it will release the phone slowly and is ready to be picked up by the owner.

This clever system is known as WOSH. It was invented by the Japanese firm WOTA. Its benefits go beyond phone cleaner since it claims to reuse more than 98 percent of the water it consumes. WOSH relies on a hydrological cycle system and deep ultraviolet light sources that provide a sterilization rate of up to 99.9 %in only 30 seconds to wash the phone.

While watching WOSH in action gives an ethereal vibe, it is an excellent idea for this technology to be implemented across the globe. Looking at the numbers on the tweet and how viral it has gotten, people want to welcome such technologies around the toilets of the world. Adding an extra layer of sanitation is another way of taking good care of our health worldwide.

A phone-cleaning station incorporated inside the kitchen sink of the McDonald’s located in Japan recently caused a stir on the internet since it washes the phone in a matter of seconds.

It’s called WOSH. The device is based on the hydrological cycle system and deep ultraviolet light sources, allowing the possibility of sterilization up to 99.9 percent in just 30 seconds. Watch it in action in the clip below.


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