McDonald’s Japan Thrills Customers with Return of Popular “Come On Baby New York Burgers”

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McDonald’s Japan has brought back its hit limited-edition “Come On Baby New York Burgers” lineup starting October 25th. This menu aims to deliver classic American flavors to customers, just like last year’s popular “I Feel Like I Went to N.Y. Burgers” series that also featured square-shaped buns.

The 2022 New York-inspired burgers were a huge success, quickly becoming a fan favorite for their unique flavors. This year McDonald’s Japan is building on that popularity, bringing back the creative square buns along with new juicy fillings.

Highlights of the 2023 lineup include:

N.Y. Thick Beef and Potato Burger

The N.Y. Thick Beef and Potato Burger, stacked with a substantial beef patty, smoky bacon, melty cheddar cheese, creamy potato filling, and a tomato-based beef gravy sauce containing garlic and onions for a rich, addictive flavor.

N.Y. Buffalo Chicken Burger

The N.Y. Buffalo Chicken Burger takes inspiration from New York’s famous spicy buffalo chicken wings, with a crispy battered chicken thigh patty seasoned with two chili peppers to give it a smoky zing. Sweet mayo sauce, lettuce, and pickles balance out the heat.

N.Y. Deli Shrimp Tartar Burger

Seafood lovers will enjoy the N.Y. Deli Shrimp Tartar Burger which pairs plump shrimp cutlet with fresh lettuce and tomato, topped with a refreshing special tartar sauce made with lemon, herbs, onions and olives.

Shaka Shaka Fries 3 Cheese

A new Shaka Shaka Fries 3 Cheese seasoning powder rounds out the menu, sprinkling fries with savory Emmental, Parmesan and cream cheese flavors.

New Menu ItemPrice (JPY)Price (USD)
NY Thick Beef & Potatoes (Single Item)5303.53
NY Thick Beef & Potato Set8305.53
NY Buffalo Chicken (Single Item)4603.07
NY Buffalo Chicken Set7605.07
NY Deli Shrimp Tartare (Single Item)4903.27
NY Deli Shrimp Tartare Set7905.27
Shakashaka Potato® 3 Cheese Flavor (S)2301.53
Shakashaka Potato® 3 Cheese Flavor (M)3702.47
Shakashaka Potato® 3 Cheese Flavor (L)4202.80

With suggested retail prices around 500 yen for burgers and 200-400 yen for fries, the entire McDonald’s meal often costs less than 700 yen, or just over $5 USD. This makes enjoying the limited-edition flavors extraordinarily cheap for customers compared to McDonald’s prices in many other countries.

The comeback of the Come On Baby New York Burgers allows McDonald’s fans to revisit the crispy square buns and bold American-inspired flavors. Judging by last year’s wild popularity, this new 2023 lineup is sure to attract crowds when it lands in restaurants across Japan on October 25th.

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