Mint Pepsi for Yakisoba Launches in Japan

PepsiCo is infusing a breath of freshness to its bold line of flavors in Japan by releasing a mint-flavored Pepsi Zero specially designed to pair with Yakisoba, a popular stir-fried noodle dish. The new product, locally named “Yakisoba Senyo Cola” or “Cola Exclusively for Yakisoba,” is set to hit shelves nationwide on June 13.

Mint Pepsi for Yakisoba

Pepsi Zero’s Innovative Food Pairings

The Pepsi Zero Mint is the beverage giant’s fourth iteration of unique food pairings. Following in the footsteps of innovative drink collaborations like Cola Exclusively for Karaage (Japanese fried chicken), Christmas Fried Chicken, and Zangi (Hokkaido special). These limited edition flavors were based on Nama Pepsi (“Raw Pepsi”), which debuted in 2021 as the brand’s most refreshing Cola ever.

Unique Flavor Profile for a Refreshing Experience

PepsiCo aims to offer an unconventional yet delightful culinary experience with its Yakisoba Senyo Cola. Made from the base of Pepsi Zero, the product features a minimal hint of mint that enhances the aftertaste and goes well with various flavors of Yakisoba. The refreshing mint flavor is expected to complement heavily seasoned Yakisoba, as it adds to the cooling sensation of the drink without overpowering it.

The company stated that its goal was to bring forth an exquisite balance that won’t interrupt the enjoyment of summer festivities such as fireworks festivals, camping, and barbecues.

A Taste Test Experience

Individuals who participated in pre-sales taste-testing events expressed satisfaction with how well the minty taste blended with traditional Japanese fares, such as takoyaki (fried octopus balls) and yakisoba noodles. The perfect combination enhanced flavors and made every mouthful enjoyable, proving that PepsiCo had put considerable thought into developing this one-of-a-kind beverage.

Availability and Pricing

The Pepsi Zero Mint Yakisoba Exclusive is set to release across Japan on Tuesday, June 13, 2023. Customers can purchase it from local retailers and online platforms like Amazon.co.jp and Rakuten Ichiba. The recommended retail price for this refreshing mint-infused Cola is 160 yen or approximately $1.15.

In summer, as various events such as festivals make a full-scale comeback in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic-induced slowdown, Japan’s traditional fried noodle dish gains prominence. With Pepsi Zero Yakisoba Cola gracing store shelves, connoisseurs have a novel way of enjoying their Yakisoba at mealtime or any event.

As the weather heats up and festivities go underway, consumers in Japan can look forward to enjoying PepsiCo’s innovative drink that brings a new taste experience to beloved summer dishes with its refreshing mint flavor.

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