Mosquito Stamps now available! Get summer results without fighting


In most South Asian Countries Mosquitoes are as common as ants. We see them everywhere and yet we’d love a world without them.

The buzz you hear every night just because you left your window or door open for a while, the red itchy sores you get from mosquito bites, and the urge to itch the sores every now and then, mosquitoes are definitely worth the extra effort we go through to kill them. And surprisingly it’s quite satisfactory when you get those buggers and have their flattened body as a victory trophy in your palms.

Well a Japanese Company, ekoD Works decided to make a whole business out of it and came up with Mosquito Stamp which is being sold in an e-commerce site Pinkoi, based in Taiwan that sells products designed by independent Asian designers. These stamps are made from a rubber-like material and are sold for 18.17 USD.

Its marketing team have also come up with an interesting product description that goes along the lines of
, “We have invented a revolutionary product that allows you to get summer battle results without having to fight. It is a dream item that uses a unique stamp paste system to recreate the countless traces left behind when you kill an enemy.”

They also add that they are clueless as to where the demand for this product would be but nonetheless, they are offering it with a luxurious package with a special case.

Pinkoi have also posted this product on their Facebook page which has been able to amass more than 1.2k shares and tons of people are mentioning their friends and how they’d have fun with it. As of right now the actual product page on Pinkoi mentions that they have more than 2200 views.

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