15 Most Generous Tipping Countries In The World in 2024

In Japan, tipping is not customary or expected. Excellent service is seen as standard, not requiring additional payment. Tips can even be considered odd or insulting. This cultural norm stems from a belief that fair wages eliminate the need for tips. Overall, tipping is an unfamiliar foreign idea in Japan.

While tipping is not the norm in Japan, practices vary greatly worldwide. In fact, some cultures embrace generous tipping as standard custom.

The World’s Most Lucrative Tipping Destinations

Here are the top 15 countries where tips flow most freely and generously:

Tipping Guidelines By Country

CountryRestaurant TipHotel TipTaxi Tip
JapanNot customaryNot customaryNot customary
United States15-25%$2-$520%
France10%$1-$2Round up fare

15. United Kingdom

In the UK, a 10% tip is suitable for good restaurant service. Tips are less expected in hotels, except for porters and maids where $2-5 is adequate. Taxi drivers do not receive tips. The UK tips modestly compared to other European nations.

14. Vietnam

Tipping was not traditionally part of Southeast Asian culture, but Western tourists have popularized it in Vietnam. A 5-10% restaurant tip is appropriate, but practices vary. Most Vietnamese still view tipping as unnecessary.

13. Greece

While not required, a 10% restaurant tip is customary in Greece for decent service. Tips are appreciated but not anticipation.

12. Croatia

About 10% is suitable at restaurants in Croatia. Smaller tips of 3-5% are typical for bars and cafes. Hotel porters may receive tips of $2-3.

11. Turkey

Tips of 10-15% are customary at Turkish restaurants. Rounding up taxi fares is also standard practice.

10. Italy

Tips of around 10% are not required but show gratitude for excellent restaurant service in Italy. Other services like taxis and coffee bars do not expect tips.

9. Qatar

Qatar has an established tipping culture of 10-15% for hospitality services like restaurants and hotels.

8. United Arab Emirates

Similar to Qatar, tips of 10-15% are customary at UAE restaurants. Hotel staff may receive small tips of $1-2. Taxi fares are commonly rounded up.

7. France

Tips are not obligatory in France, but 10% is customary at restaurants for great service. Hotel staff and taxi drivers may also receive tips.

6. Poland

A tip of 10-15% of the bill is standard at Polish restaurants. Tips are appreciated though not strictly required.

5. Germany

Germany tips more modestly than the US, with typical restaurant tips around 5-10% of the bill. Other services like hotels and taxis may be tipped small amounts.

4. Spain

Spain’s tipping rate falls between 5-10% of the bill. The country has seen a decline in tipping recently.

3. Russia

With tipping reemerging after the Soviet Union, 10-15% is now customary at Russian restaurants. Cash tips are preferred.

2. Mexico

Mexico tips generously at 15% of the bill at restaurants. Smaller tips are typical for hotel staff and other services.

1. United States

The US tips the most globally, with restaurant tips averaging 15-20% of the bill. The tipping culture remains deeply ingrained in America.

In summary, Japan stands in stark contrast to the top tipping nations where 10-20% tips are routine. Tipping customs vary immensely worldwide!

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