Mt. Fuji Comes Alive When You Fill The Tajima Glass “Fuji Cup”

The Tajima Glass “Fuji Cup” has become an iconic Japanese souvenir due to its beautiful and innovative design. The clear glass cup has a delicate etching of Mount Fuji on the bottom. When liquid is poured in, the light reflects to create a mini Mount Fuji in different mesmerizing colors like red, blue or gold, depending on the drink.

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Here’s three main reasons why the Fuji Cup has become so popular:

  1. Tajima Glass has over 70 years of glass making heritage as an officially recognized traditional Tokyo craft. Each piece is handmade with great skill and care.
  2. The frosting technique used to etch the Mount Fuji image mimics snow on the iconic mountain. It is a collaboration between Tajima Glass for the glasswork and Glass Sculpture Watanabe for the etching.
  3. The cup embodies Japanese style. Its elegant and minimalist design earned it top awards in Japan as an excellent souvenir gift. It comes beautifully packaged in a cypress box.

The three cup varieties – the classic Fuji Whiskey Glass, the more versatile flat-bottomed Fuji Tumbler, and the seasonal color-themed Red and Blue Fuji Toast Cups – can transport you to Japan. As you slowly savor your drink, Mount Fuji mystically changes colors under the glass. It’s a magical effect that creates a wonderful drinking experience.

The Tajima Glass Fuji Cup is worth collecting. For any Japanese whiskey lover or someone looking for a special gift, this glassware combines artistry, tradition, and innovation that is uniquely Japanese. It may just offer the perfect travel daydream during trying times when we cannot venture far.

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