8 New Travel Trends For Travelers Around the World Post-COVID

After a tumultuous few years, a new era is emerging for travel trends. According to Expedia, Hotels.com, and Vrbo’s latest data and survey, people are ditching conventional vacations and veering off course for unexpected experiences.

Culture Capitals Calling

Urban vibes are drawing travelers to the hustle and bustle of crowded cities that serve as cultural epicenters. One major culture capital on the rise is Tokyo, Japan. As one of the world’s most populous metropolitan areas, Tokyo offers unparalleled energy.

RankCultural Capital
1Edinburgh, Scotland
2Lisbon, Portugal
3Tokyo, Japan
4Dublin, Ireland
5New York, USA
6Sydney, Australia
7Dubai, UAE
8Montreal, Canada
9Munich, Germany
10Bangkok, Thailand
Here is a table for the top 10 cultural capitals to see according to Expedia

Visitors can explore historic temples and shrines before stepping into the neon-lit streets of districts like Shibuya or Shinjuku. The city seamlessly blends past and future, with bullet trains whisking travelers between temples and towering skyscrapers.

Tokyo boasts a thriving food scene ranging from Michelin-starred sushi to bustling ramen shops. Shopaholics browse grand department stores and trendy Harajuku boutiques. For arts and culture, Tokyo hosts over 100 museums and 60 theaters, not to mention lively local festivals year-round.

Whether absorbing centuries of history and tradition or experiencing the sights and sounds of modern Japan, Tokyo promises endless opportunities for exploration and discovery. Travelers eager to immerse themselves in one of the world’s most vibrant and diverse culture capitals should add Tokyo to their must-visit lists. As international travel rebounds, this cosmopolitan hub is set to attract culture-seeking jetsetters from across the globe.

Set-Jetting Inspires New Adventures

TV shows and movies are increasingly influencing where people vacation. Over a third of survey respondents have booked trips to places they’ve seen on streaming shows. Sweeping landscapes, British stately homes, resort settings, and lively cosmopolitan scenes depicted on-screen inspire real-life getaways.

Three-Star Stays Offer Affordability

Lavish once-in-a-lifetime trips are being balanced with more frequent affordable getaways. There’s a boom in three-star hotel bookings, with stylish, amenity-focused properties catering to spontaneous and last-minute trips.

Wellness with a Quirky Twist

Cookie-cutter wellness retreats are out, and alternative therapies are in. Interest in holistic stays is up, but travelers are branching out from classic activities to more obscure offerings. The demand for novelty energizing experiences continues to rise.

Cowboy Chic Vacation Homes

Western ranch escapes are gaining popularity as coveted vacation rentals. Rustic and charming properties with cowboy vibes top travelers’ lists. Demand for homes in these outdoorsy locales is up.

Cooking Up Connections

Kitchens rank high among top vacation rental amenities. Many travelers use home cooking to cut costs and see it as an opportunity to bond with family and friends. Outdoor kitchens, fancy coffee makers, air fryers, pizza ovens, and garden access are popular foodie-menities.

Hidden Gem Hotspots

In addition to major cities, less-discovered destinations are enticing travelers looking to soak up local charm at a relaxed pace. Small towns and rural spots that have seen demand spike allow quality time with loved ones away from crowds.

The No-Normal (overarching trend of customization and breaking from convention)

People are custom-tailoring trips to their interests, schedules, and budgets rather than conforming to a one-size-fits-all approach. This no-normal era promises boundless possibilities for vibrant culture, affordable spontaneity, therapeutic adventures, homey comforts, and hidden treasures.

Source: Expedia

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