Nintendo Museum Finally Set to Open This Fall After Construction Delays

After years of anticipation and delays, the Nintendo Museum in Kyoto is finally complete and scheduled to open to the public this fall. The museum, which was first announced back in 2021, has faced multiple pushbacks due to unspecified construction issues.

Originally slated to open in March 2024, Nintendo revealed in its latest financial earnings report that while the museum building itself is now finished, “preparations will take some time” before it can open its doors. As a result, the company has set an opening window for fall 2024, though no specific date has been provided yet.

The museum is being constructed on the site of a former Nintendo factory in Uji City, where the company’s products were once manufactured and repaired. When it does eventually open, visitors can expect an inside look at Nintendo’s storied 134-year history, from its origins as a playing card maker in 1889 to its transformation into a pioneering video game company.

Exhibits are planned to showcase artifacts, products, and the evolution of iconic Nintendo franchises like Mario, Zelda, Pokemon and more. For fans, it promises to be a comprehensive celebration of one of gaming’s most influential forces.

The delay is just the latest setback for the museum project. Nintendo had initially hoped to have it ready for visitors in 2021 before pushing the opening to early 2024. While the causes of the repeated delays have not been disclosed, the complexity of renovating and outfitting the former factory site has likely played a role.

Whenever it does open in the coming months, the Nintendo Museum is expected to be a major tourist attraction in the company’s homeland. Nintendo has been promoting it as a new way for fans to engage with its brands and intellectual properties.

In the financial report, Nintendo stated it will “continue to create points of contact with consumers by promoting various initiatives that utilize Nintendo IP in a wide range of fields.” This includes upcoming projects like the next Super Mario movie from Illumination and new Nintendo-themed lands at Universal Studios parks.

After such a long wait, the prospect of the Nintendo Museum finally becoming a reality this fall is exciting news for gamers and pop culture enthusiasts alike. Nintendo fans will just have to be patient a little while longer before experiencing this comprehensive look at video game history.

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