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Nintendo’s Announcement of a Live-Action Legend of Zelda Movie Excites Fans in Japan

Nintendo fans, get excited. The video game company has announced it is developing a live-action Legend of Zelda movie.

Legend of Zelda is one of Nintendo’s most popular and long-running game franchises. The games follow a young hero named Link on quests to save the magical kingdom of Hyrule.

Nintendo is teaming up with Sony Pictures to make the new Zelda movie. Sony will help pay for and distribute the film.

Veteran producers Shigeru Miyamoto and Avi Arad are in charge of the project. Miyamoto is a key creator of many Nintendo games. Arad has produced movies based on game and comic franchises before, like Spiderman.

The movie will be directed by Wes Ball, known for the Maze Runner films.

Nintendo has not revealed much about the Zelda movie yet. There are no details on casting or what storyline it will follow. But the news has many fans excited.

On Twitter, gamers speculated about who could play Link, Princess Zelda and other characters. Many hope the movie will capture the adventure and imagination of the video games.

The Zelda series has over 20 games so far. The newest game, called Tears of the Kingdom, just launched this year.

This continues Nintendo’s push into movies. Its Super Mario Bros. animated film was a huge hit earlier this year. The video game maker likely hopes the Zelda movie will also draw big audiences.

But a live-action take on the fantasy world of Zelda could be risky. Some fans think Nintendo should have gone with animation like the Mario movie.

Still, the prospect of seeing a Legend of Zelda movie has many gamers hyped. Now they eagerly await more details from Nintendo on what’s in store.

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