November Looks Promising For Japan As Vaccination Rate reaches 50%

The Japanese authorities have announced that more than 50% of its citizens are fully vaccinated.

Japan, unlike other wealthy countries, began the vaccine rollouts a month later in February. This is mainly due to a very detailed and lengthy clinical approval process.

Economy and Fiscal Policy Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura

However, the elderly were hesitant about the idea of vaccines, and there was a shortage of imported vaccines. The good news is that the pace is way better now, with reports saying 1 million doses per day.

Yasutoshi Nishimura, Minister responsible for COVID-19 precautions, said on NHK’s weekly talk program that approximately 60% of Japan’s population will have vaccines by September. If this is true, then Japan will finally be on the same level as countries in Europe.

The government is currently working on a plan to ease restrictions in November. That is the current time goal go get majority of people’s full vaccination. This would allow both fully vaccinated and negative tested individuals to travel, attend parties, or participate in mass events.

Although vaccinations have helped reduce the number of severe illnesses and deaths in older adults, infections caused by virus variants spread rapidly among younger people. This is putting a strain on health care systems, especially in the month of August.

Japan extended the current state of emergency, which would have ended on Sunday, to September 30, in Tokyo, 18 other areas last Friday. These measures are especially for restaurants requesting them to close earlier and stop serving alcohol late-night.

Even if the condition is not the best in Japan, it has done well for a developed country without a strict lockdown. It has recorded more than a 1.65million cases and 16.700 deaths.


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