20 Part-Time Jobs Foreigners Can Do In Japan To Pay For Living Expenses

Living in Japan can be expensive, so many foreigners seek out part-time work to help cover costs. The good news is that there are plenty of opportunities for foreigners to earn extra income in Japan if you know where to look. Here are 20 of the best part-time jobs in Japan for foreigners:

1. English Teacher

Teaching English is one of the most common jobs for foreigners in Japan. You don’t need to be certified – just fluent in English. Look for language schools, cram schools, or tutoring services. Pay: ¥2,500-5,000/hour

2. Private Tutor

Tutoring in other subjects like math, science, and test prep is also popular. Japanese students will pay top dollar for effective tutors. Pay: ¥2,000-5,000/hour

3. Translator/Interpreter

Leverage your Japanese fluency and translate or interpret for companies or agencies. Focus on your language pairs. Pay: ¥2,500-5,000/hour

4. Proofreader/Editor

Help Japanese researchers or students proofread and edit their academic papers in English. Background in the field is a plus. Pay: ¥3,000-7,000/hour

5. Café/Restaurant Staff

Cafes and restaurants often hire foreigners for novelty appeal. Minimal Japanese required. Pay: ¥900-1,500/hour

6. Convenience Store Clerk

Work the registers and stock shelves at a convenience store like 7-Eleven or Lawson’s. Pay: ¥850-1,200/hour

7. Tour Guide

Lead groups around famous sites and share history and culture. Japanese skills a must. Pay: ¥1,500-4,000/tour

8. Video Game Tester

Playtest new video games and provide feedback to developers. Must be a gamer! Pay: ¥1,000-2,000/hour

9. Model/Actor

Model for magazines or act in TV shows, commercials, or movies. Look for casting calls. Pay: ¥8,000-15,000+/day

10. Musician

Play live music at bars, clubs, and other venues. Build relationships with owners. Pay: ¥2,000-7,000/night

11. Private Coach

Offer your expertise like sports training, dance, or music lessons. Leverage any special skills. Pay: ¥1,500-4,000/hour

12. Freelance Writer

Write articles, blog posts, and web content in English for Japanese clients. Pay: ¥2,000-4,000/project

13. Online Reseller

Buy and resell trendy Japanese fashion items overseas for a profit. Pay: ¥5,000-20,000+/month

14. YouTube Channel

Create content about Japan and monetize it through ads. Highly competitive but can be lucrative. Pay: ¥100,000+/month

15. Babysitter

Offer childcare for Japanese families that want English exposure for kids. Pay: ¥1,500-2,500/hour

16. Private Chef

Cook for dinner parties or teach cooking classes. Cater to foodie clients. Pay: ¥5,000-10,000/job

17. Dog Walker

Walk dogs for busy professionals. Must love pups! Pay: ¥1,500-2,500/hour

18. Social Media Manager

Manage Japanese companies’ social media accounts and marketing. Pay: ¥2,500-7,000/month

19. Data Entry Clerk

Do data entry, spreadsheet upkeep, and other admin work remotely. Pay: ¥1,200-2,000/hour

20. Call Center Agent

Work for international call centers based in Japan. Fluent English required. Pay: ¥1,500-2,500/hour

There are ample opportunities to make extra money in Japan with the right skills and hustle! These 20 jobs are a great start for foreigners looking to cover living costs.

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