Private Sleeping Pods in ReBorn Overnight Busses in Japan

If you live in Japan and are looking for comfortable long travel over night busses, The Willer Express ReBorn busses have got you covered. They offer spacious first-class seats at affordable prices to make your journey relaxing.

Traveling around Japan is very easy thanks to its 98 airports, which are more than double the total number of prefectures in Japan. if you are not in the mood to travel by air, then there are also tons of Shinkansens that run over nine lines across Japan for faster travel.

Nonetheless, these options could be pretty expensive. However, Japan also features varieties of overnight, each with its own set of features as a cheaper alternative.

A Tokyo-based bus company known as Willer Express has developed a new range of busses with excellent pod-style seats. They offer individual customers their pods as well as reclining chairs.Launched last year, the ReBorn series of overnight busses feature pods that have reclining seats. They also have outlets for phone chargers, footrest, pillows, blankets as well as a foldable table. In a single bus, there are a total of 18 such pods.

There are special legrest and footrest spaces!

Thats not only it! Travelling in one of these pods provide multiple comfort features 

Image: Willerexpress

You can Save Almost Half in Overnight Busses!

The features, as mentioned earlier, aren’t the only thing you can benefit from ReBorn’s overnight busses. They are also cheaper than other traveling alternatives. A non-reserved seat for a single-way trip from Tokyo to Kyoto in a Shinkansen would cost you around ¥13,320. Whereas ReBorn busses only charge you starting from ¥6,900 for the same journey. There are also busses available for Tokyo to Nagoya, Niigata, Shiga, and Wakayama.

Even if the travel time is significantly significant for overnight busses, you could easily sleep on the comfortable pods on the bus so you can save money on hotels. The ReBorn bus will allow you to sleep throughout the journey and arrive at your destination refreshed.

Image Source: Willer Travel IG

Do check these busses out if you want an alternative means of transportation and are looking to try something new. Here’s the website for the tickets and much more.

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