Redditor Brings Takaosan Interchange to Life in Cities: Skylines (Game Similar to SimCity)

A Reddit user recently wowed the Cities: Skylines community by recreating a remarkably realistic version of the Takaosan Interchange on the game’s map editor. The intricate highway interchange, located in Hachiōji, Tokyo, is known for its sprawling series of twisting on-ramps and connector roads spread across multiple levels.

Reddit user @Birdmanggcs posted a video of his creation on the Cities Skylines subreddit, showcasing the interchange from various aerial angles. @Birdmanggcs managed to accurately replicate the interchange’s distinct multi-tiered stacked design, incorporating curved ramps, crisscrossing flyovers, and narrow connector roads.

The video showcase the interchange’s attention to detail, from the accurate geometry of the roads and angles of the ramps, to painstakingly placed custom assets like street lamps and guard rails. @Birdmanggcs even included meticulous landscaping details surrounding the interchange.

In the Reddit comments, @Birdmanggcs explained their process: “I used satellite imagery overlays in the map editor to match the geometry as closely as possible. But the trickiest part was getting all the custom on/off ramp assets to align properly to mimic the real curved ramps.”

The visually striking render earned over 2.3k upvotes on Reddit, with commenters praising the accuracy and calling it “a work of art.” Some even said it looks better than the real Takaosan Interchange!

This isn’t the first time Cities: Skylines’ powerful mapping tools have brought real-world infrastructure to virtual life. But @Birdmanggcs’s Takaosan Interchange creation stands out for its sheer complexity and loyalty to the real-world landmark. It’s an impressive example of the endless creative possibilities offered by Cities: Skylines.

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