Snorlax Fans Can Now Buy Expensive Accessories From U-Treasure

No matter what Pokémon you prefer from the existing 908, Japanese jewelers, U-Treasure, have an extensive selection of popular accessories with fans. The price tag indicates that these stylish designs are curated for adult fans. Unlike your usual Pokemon merchandise, these aren’t that flashy and can be accepted on several occasions.

Recently, our giant lazy Snorlax made into their designs. The original Snorlax jewelry includes an earring and pendant featuring the Snorlax and Munchlax together with their favorite fruits.

The latest model is silver, but it’s got an additional classy black coating. The necklace is complemented by a ring showing Snorlax, the likable monarch he is laying after overeating.

Snorlax rings silver

The Snorlax-themed charm in the pendant is intricately detailed throughout, which means he appears relaxed regardless of where he is.

The necklace is available in silver (18,700 Yun) or platinum 995 (275,000 yen). Both come in a black coat.

Snorlax accessories rings and necklace

The ring features a huge Snorlax that’s resting on the ring’s top in 3D instead of being flat. As a cute extra detail, he’s even yawning. The rings are available in silver with a sultry black coating for just 24,200 yen.

These accessories are currently on pre-order on their website or the physical stores in Ikebukuro but only until June 21.


Source: Grapee

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