Take A Look At These Customized Rooms Of Different Love Hotels

“Love Hotels” that offer short-term stays and utmost privacy serve as a haven to dates<ahref=”https://japaninsides.com/amazing-the-best-destination-in-japan-for-those-who-want-to-begin-and-end-their-relationship/”>young lovers, parents trying to get away and so on.

Love Hotels, or “rabu hoteru” (rabuho in short), originated in Osaka in the late 1960s. Japan’s take on the “no-tell motel” became a huge business, and Nintendo President Hiroshi Yamauchi inaugurated one.

In the same year, the local Japanese newspaper reported that “The sole advantage Yamauchi could have gained out of this situation is the fact that him and his companions do not have to pay for the rooms. This could end up being an enormous savings.”

However, as more and more hotels opened during the 1970s and 1980s, the desire to be distinctive became more essential. Some love hotels offer rooms with all the basic amenities and even be more significant than your usual Japanese hotels.

If you ever find yourself strolling about in Japan, Love hotels are worth looking into for the simple reason that they can often offer well-facilitated rooms for a lower cost. Although generally safe, be aware that all kinds of activities take place in these hotels. Some are legal, and some are not.

Outside, these hotels are lavish and dazzling such that usually, you can recognize that the hotel is mainly for recreational activities. There’s no subtlety in these hotels. They’re usually traditionally themed and come with names that sound foreign. However, it’s not always the case.

Some love hotels try to implement some “wacky” themes to stand out in the saturated market. Here are some examples where they really wanted you to feel other-worldly.

Fancy a castle as to run off too? 

This one brings Santa Claus to you anytime of the year 

Wanna feel the New York vibes in Japan?

Seems like aliens want to profit from love hotels too so they turned their UFO into one

These hotels aren’t just limited to remodeling the outside… Some bring them to their rooms; like this one that has a bridge for some reason

If you’re a car enthusiast, they’ve got you covered

If not a car, then how about a boat for a bed?

How about a bed that takes you on a spin

A Thunderdome Cage?

Or a room with an excellent panoramic view of the city

For those who like to play games in a love hotel 

Don’t know how to swim but wanna go deep diving? Sure get into this love hotel 

Like rainbows and birds? Then this one’s definitely for you

Time to Funk your selves

Doesn’t everyone love staring stars at night?

Wanna live like royalty for some hours?

Love going to Pubs? Then try a Pub-themed love hotel

Big baths are awesome! especially when you have the company of stuffed Disney toys

All roads lead to ROME!! 

It’s a shame they don’t allow barbeque indoors 

Water-Slide in a Love Hotel? What else could you want?

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