Takeshi from Takeshi’s Castle was attacked with pickaxe in his car

On Saturday at 11:40pm Japan Time, Mr. Takeshi Kitano’s car was charged by a person with a pickaxe. He also threatened Takeshi to get out of his car. Fortunately, both Mr. Takeshi along with his driver are uninjured. If his name sounds familiar, it’s probably because he used to be in the show “Takeshi’s Castle.”

Kitano is the 74-year-old actor and film director, widely known as Beat Takashi, which comes from the early days when he used to do comedy with his friend with the team-name “Two Beats.”

Asahi News reports that the attack occurred at Tokyo Broadcasting System Television shortly after Kitano’s news program Shin Joho Seven Day Newscaster. Windshields of the passenger side of the car and the driver’s side windows were shattered.

Mainichi News reports that the attacker is a man in his 40s hailing from Chiba Prefecture. He told investigators that he “felt ignored” and “was on his knees near the vehicle and begged him to help him enter the world of show business.”

Although the man admitted to the attack, the Metropolitan Police stated that his comments were unclear.

The authorities found the man in possession of a knife of 10cm blade. He also admitted to owning that weapon, so he was arrested on the spot. According to NHK, he is in custody for illegal weapon possession. It’s not clear what kind of knife he owned. But according to the Japanese Laws, specific knives that have lockable blades are illegal to carry around.


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