Takkyubin: Japan’s Convenient Door-to-Door Luggage Shipping (and 4 Alternatives)

There are several convenient and affordable options for shipping luggage between hotels in Japan. The most popular services are takkyubin delivery companies, which offer next-day delivery to anywhere in the country.

Here is an overview of the top options:

TakkyubinReliable, fast, affordableCan be busy during peak seasons
Sagawa ExpressCompetitive rates, extensive network of service centersCan be slower than Takkyubin
Japan PostReliable, affordableCan be slower than some of the other options
Hotel-to-hotel shippingConvenientMore expensive than using a third-party service
Convenience store shippingConvenientMore expensive than using a third-party service


Takkyubin, offered by companies like Yamato Transport, is the most widely used luggage shipping service. It offers next-day delivery to major cities and towns across Japan for reasonable rates.

  • Delivery time: Next day by 1-9pm typically. Same day delivery is sometimes possible for nearby destinations.
  • Rates: Approximately ¥2,000-4,000 for a suitcase within Tokyo. ¥2,600-4,700 between major cities. Rates increase for large suitcases and deliveries to remote areas.
  • Drop off: Available at airports, hotels, convenience stores, and Yamato service centers. Many hotels offer takkyubin pickup from your room.
  • Delivery: To hotels, airports, homes, offices, Yamato centers. Many hotels accept direct delivery to your room.
  • International: Can ship luggage to/from airports to accommodate airport transfers.
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Sagawa Express

Sagawa Express is another major takkyubin company with extensive coverage in Japan. Rates are competitive with Yamato.

  • Delivery time and rates: Similar to Yamato. Offers same-day delivery for nearby destinations.
  • Drop off/delivery: Available at hotels, airports, Sagawa service centers. Delivers to hotels, airports, homes, offices.
  • International: Provides airport transfer services.

Japan Post

Japan Post operates the national postal service and also offers takkyubin-style luggage delivery.

  • Delivery time: Slower than private companies, around 2-4 days typically.
  • Rates: Competitive, approximately ¥2,000-4,000 for a suitcase.
  • Drop off/delivery: Available at post offices. Delivers to hotels, homes, post offices.
  • International: Limited options compared to private companies.


Many large hotel chains offer in-house luggage shipping between their own locations.

  • Delivery time: Usually next day.
  • Rates: ¥3,000-5,000 typically, more expensive than third-party services.
  • Drop off/delivery: Only available within the same hotel chain. Pickup and delivery to your hotel room.
  • International: Only domestic delivery between hotel locations in Japan.

Convenience Stores

Some convenience store chains like 7-Eleven offer takkyubin-style luggage shipping.

  • Delivery time: 1-3 days typically.
  • Rates: Around ¥3,000-5,000, more expensive than third-party services.
  • Drop off/delivery: Available at convenience stores. Delivers to hotels, homes, offices.
  • International: Limited availability.

When choosing a luggage shipping company, it’s best to compare delivery times and rates across multiple providers. Takkyubin companies like Yamato offer the fastest nationwide delivery for reasonable prices.

Going with your hotel’s in-house service can provide more convenience if they have a location at your next destination. Japan Post is a budget option for slower deliveries.

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