The Fantastic Bra options in Japan!

Well, you will be surprised to know that when anything momentous happens in Japan, the bra-makers Triumph issues a commemorative bra! Isn’t that insane!

This gesture is great, keeping in mind both their ambition and ingenuity *slow claps*. However, we have no clue why do they do this! Well, the bras that they come up with are going to blow your mind surely. Important to note they are not practical to be worn daily, but they are exceptional.

1.The Pearl bra
As the name suggests, the’ Pearl Bra is made up of good quality pearls in four sizes, with the biggest one being 4mm in diameter.

A whopping 3000 pearls and antique Belgian lace are used to make the bra, and it costs 15 million yen (around £87,000) for the Japanese woman who has everything, even shoe umbrellas.

2. The marriage-hunting bra
There is a built-in marriage countdown clock that the wearer has to set the deadline in the ‘Konkatsu’ or marriage-hunting bra. When an engagement ring is put in between the cups, the Wedding March plays in celebration. It’s an awesome creation!

3. The chopsticks bra
What the chopsticks bra does is making eating in front of the TV a whole lot easier!

Have a hearty laugh as you discover that this bra has a pair of collapsible chopsticks held in a pocket between the cups. The cup on the left is a miso soup bowl, and the right cup is for rice. This is a must bra for the next OITNB marathon.
4.The hat-trick bra
This bra was created to commemorate the 2002 World Cup in Japan. It was sold for 17,000 yen (£100). Isn’t this shocking!

5. The Armageddon bra
Technology has been built in this bra as the Armageddon brassiere alerts you about the possible danger from falling objects through a sensor attached to the shoulder strap.

6. The anti-smoking manifesto bra
This bra has a capsule containing lavender to calm feelings of irritation and jasmine to make cigarettes taste unpleasant. Wow! What a unique creation must say!

7. The super-cool bra
Do you remember the Japanese power shortage following the shutdown of all nuclear power reactors? This bra was made at that time back in 2012.

This bra was designed with the idea of taking away the excess heat out of the body so that women could feel refreshed during the summer. So thoughtful!
8. The baseball bra
As a mark to celebrate the Japanese baseball players playing in the US, this bra was invented.

9.The Cinderella bra

The bra cups are made of glass; yes, you heard me right1. They are braided glass beads for the straps.It’s a unique bra made from glass! One of its kind.
10. The support Japan bra
Handwritten messages of support were written on these custom-made bras.

This bra showcases handwritten messages of support worldwide for earthquake and tsunami victims of 2011—heart-touching.

11.The grow-your-own-rice bra

This bra reminds me of a grow-your-own-rice kit.A unique concept, this bra was created to encourage awareness about the importance of agriculture.

12.The no-more-plastic bra
A red lace shopping bag will look the best.

What more! This bra becomes a shopping bag. The idea behind this was to encourage people to re-use bags rather than throwing them away after use.

13.The photo voltaic-powered bra
The ‘green’ bra looks as if it is made of fuzzy-felt.

You won’t believe it, but it is a solar-powered bra that generates electricity using sunlight. It then permits you to charge various electronics. This bra was created to celebrate G8 Hokkaido Tokyo Summit on environmental issues in 2008.

14. The voter turnout lift-up bra
Ha! Ha! Ha! This bra was shaped like a ballot box. It also had a skirt made of ballot papers and a pencil-filled bum bag. Imagination is gone wild!

15. The stop-the-birth rate-decline bra
Is this something to do with the country’s birth rates?

This bra has elderly ladies and crying children. Well, who would like to see or have such a bra for themselves! Planning gone haywire.

16.The post-privatisation-total-surprise bra
The cups doubling up as mini-post-boxes are fantastic!

This is a post office bra, like literally! This was created to mark the Postal Privatisation Bill, which was the centerpiece of the government’s reform policy in 2005. You will indeed find a bra for every occasion!

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