This Japanese Restaurant Chain Is an Introvert’s Paradise

Ichiran Ramen is a lovely place, but there is one thing different about it.

Suppose your idea of a good restaurant experience is to have a pleasant conversation and interaction with the waiting staff.I am sorry to say that Ichiran Ramen is probably not a place you want to visit.

The famous Japanese chain is based on solo dining by taking extraordinary measures to make sure patrons avoid individuals interaction as much as possible.Manabu Yoshitomi is the founder of Ichiran Ramen, and he came up with this concept for his famous restaurant when he was just a high-school student.All this is happening after seeing his female friends attempting to cover their mouths when eating ramen.

So, after asking them about it, Manabu discovered that their reluctance to be watched by other people outside as they slurped noodles was a massive barrier to visiting ramen shops.These details inspired the young man to open a tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen restaurant that offered almost total privacy instead of human inter.Patrons mostly treated a crowd of hungry eaters crowded together at tables or counters and the clatter of bowls and noodle slurping upon entering a typical Japanese ramen shop.However, it’s a distracting atmosphere, especially if you are not used to it, and Manabu believes that the system prevents people from focusing on the delicious ramen.

When you enter one of the chain’s restaurants across Japan, Hong Kong, and most recently, the United States, you are most welcomed by a large ticket selling machine instead of the usual hostess or server.You will select what type of ramen you want to eat and reserve your seat at one of the very private booths.Once inserting the money into the machine, you are presented with a ticket, and you are ready to head to your seat.Another thing is that you can’t peek at another person while eating because Ichiran Ramen constructs a small booth separated by wooden panels, meaning that you can’t even have a date there. After all, it is not a date restaurant.After you are done, all you have to do is press a call button, and a server will show up to pick up the order, and even the way they will do it is also terrific to Ichiran.

Then after pressing the button, a small shutter opens in front of you, and a pair of human hands pick up the customization card. Minutes later, the shutter opens again, and the same hands place the bowl of ramen in front of you.So all the human interaction you have to deal with is seeing a stranger’s hands and maybe their midsection for a few moments.At the point when you’re set, you can either arrange seconds by putting your bowl on a square shape before you or leave the café without hanging tight for the worker or, in any event, saying an essential ‘farewell.’

Ichiran Ramen claims that its unique idea helps battle the disgrace of eating alone at a café while additionally permitting individuals to zero in on the flavor of the food without enduring any interruptions.The famous café network numbers 60 diners in Japan and Hong Kong – all open every minute of every day – and has opened its first U.S. branch in Bushwick, New York.

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