These Hamster Cookies So Adorable That You Wouldn’t Want To Eat Them

We’ve been amazed by beloved animals that have taken on the form of sushi, nerikiri, and riceballs throughout the years; however, you’ll only sometimes find sweets shaped like Hamsters.

Fortunately, cake artist Mocha Mocha is creating a solution with her small cream-colored cookies.

The adorable cookies are designed after hamsters with oval-shaped bodies and round ears, feet, and tails. Mocha Mocha maintains the design of the biscuit straightforwardly to keep the cute appearance. Every cookie has an uncluttered face adorned with one pair of tiny eyes that are wide and wide. They are either open and alert or closed with thick black lines as though the hamster has gone to sleep.

However, Mocha Mocha does not limit her delicious treats to only one kind of animal. Other cookies are shaped to resemble fluffy dogs with floppy ears and expressive eyebrows. They also have cartoon-like bears laid out in various places. Sometimes, she employs her talents to add a fun design to the tops of cupcakes. For instance, she can use the icing that has been sculpted into the form of happy puppies.

Scroll down for other treats from Mocha Mocha, and follow Mocha Mocha on Twitter for updates on the latest adorable creations.

Japanese confectioner Mocha Mocha creates sweets that look like adorable hamsters.

She also creates delicious sweets that are inspired by other animals, too.

Check out this video to discover how Mocha Mocha makes her delicious desserts.

Source: Mymodernmet

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