This Japanese Father And Daughter Look Awesome When They Cosplay Together

Cosplay can be more enjoyable when you have someone else dressing with you. For instance, a Japanese girl who goes by the alias Ofumi has a devoted cosplay buddy–her father. The two of them dress in costumes designed to be worn together and have created their character. Dad is usually an enforcer. He is often furrowing his eyebrows and snarling while wielding an axe. Ofumi often is a sinister persona; however, she’ll frequently experiment and present herself as a more (deceptively) innocent persona to her intimidating father.

Japanese father and daughter cosplay

The two like to cosplay characters and take advantage of it as an opportunity to enjoy time with each other. This is evident in creating the “demon father and daughter” outfits. “From midnight until the morning, we debated the kind of character to create with the family of brother, father, mother, and finally became a strict demon father and daughter,” ofumi writes on Instagram. After deciding who they would play as, the duo rehearsed their costumes and then took photos acting as the character. To commemorate the event, ofumi even altered an old picture of the two of them — taken when she was a kid–with the same horns as they’re wearing as part of the costume.

Japanese daughter and father cosplay

It’s rare to have a parent and a child cosplaying with the same amount of dedication. This has enthralled everyone worldwide, and the pair have gone viral, with fans looking forward to seeing what they’ll dress in the next photo.

Cosplay is much more enjoyable when you’re with a partner. A Japanese woman known as ofumi has an unstoppable cosplay partner in her dad.

The two are dressed in costumes designed to be used in pairs. Each has perfected its unique version of the character. Her father is often seen as an enforcer. He is constantly furrowing his eyebrows and snarling when he carries an axe.

The two like dressing up as cosplay characters and take advantage of it as an opportunity to enjoy time in a bonding way, which has warmed hearts all over the world.


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