Tokyo on a Whim: 20 Tips for an Adventurous Last Minute Trip

Tokyo dazzles the adventurous soul with its neon lights, narrow alleys, and hidden corners begging to be explored. Follow these 20 tips to plan an incredible last minute trip fueled by curiosity!

  1. Wander tiny backstreets and uncover hole-in-the-wall bars and izakaya taverns only locals know. You never know what you may discover!
  2. Head to Shinjuku’s Memory Lane after dark and explore the vibrant gay and drag queen scene. Dance the night away in a unique and colorful atmosphere.
  3. Wake up early and be the first to uncover the treasures of the Tsukiji outer market. Marvel at the varieties of seafood before browsing stalls.
  4. Dare to try “Russian roulette” sushi which features one piece with a super spicy wasabi surprise hiding inside! Not for the faint of heart.
  5. Check out Nakano Broadway for vintage and anime shopping off the main tourist trail. This is a paradise for collectors and otaku nerds.
  6. Stay in a cool capsule hotel or manga comic cafe for quirky and affordable accommodation. You basically sleep in a fun pod!
  7. Head to Pokémon Cafe in Nihonbashi to dine surrounded by your favorite characters. The themed food and decor will fulfill all your childhood dreams.
  8. Visit a love hotel for a…unique experience. Many feature wild designs and decor you won’t find anywhere else. Live adventurously!
  9. Check out Tokyo’s summer firework displays over the Sumida River. Fight the crowds and stifling humidity for a truly epic spectacle.
  10. Learn the secrets of Tokyo from eccentric locals. Ask that odd looking guy in Harajuku or striking taxi driver for tips. Strike up fun conversations!

Here’s 10 more tips to get you settled in:

  1. Book your flight first. With it being last minute, flight prices may be higher but you can still shop around for a good deal. Be flexible on departure times and airports.
  2. Find accommodation in central areas like Shinjuku, Shibuya, or Roppongi. This puts you close to public transport and major attractions. Apps like HotelTonight can get you good deals on last minute bookings.
  3. Purchase a rail pass like the Japan Rail Pass if traveling beyond Tokyo. This allows unlimited use of JR trains across Japan. Get one before arriving in Japan.
  4. Get a local SIM card or portable WiFi router. This keeps you connected for maps, translations, and looking things up on the fly. You can rent them at the airport.
  5. Have a loose itinerary but leave room for spontaneity! Hit top sites like the Tokyo Skytree, Senso-ji Temple, Meiji Shrine but wander off-the-beaten-path too.
  6. Use Google Maps and Japan Travel by Navitime to get around. Having internet access and these apps makes navigating Tokyo’s rail system much easier.
  7. Bring an open mind and appetite! Try all kinds of Japanese food, even strange-looking items. Don’t be afraid to point at menus or items to order if you can’t translate.
  8. Carry cash and cards. Many places in Tokyo still prefer cash payments. But cards come in handy too, especially for big purchases. Inform your bank you’ll be traveling overseas.
  9. Learn some basic Japanese phrases. A little bit of the language goes a long way! Common phrases include hello (konnichiwa), thank you (arigato), excuse me (sumimasen), etc.
  10. Pack light using carry-on only. You’ll likely be active and on the move a lot, so pack just the essentials in an easy to carry bag.

With the right mindset and flexibility, Tokyo can be an amazing destination no matter how last minute your planning may be. These tips will launch an incredible trip in one of the world’s greatest cities! Have the experience of a lifetime in Tokyo!

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