Top 10 Hottest athletes Participating On the Tokyo Olympics 2020


To be able to take part in the Olympics, you not only need to have a strong well-built physique but also have an equally strong determination and the drive to give everything you’ve got while representing your nation. Since the situation with the pandemic is somewhat better than last year, The Tokyo Olympics 2020 has finally begun and athletes from all over the world representing various nations have landed in Japan with their eyes set towards the podium.

It is definitely something to look forward to as there will be 339 games with about 11,090 athletes participating. With the competitiveness aside, here we have tried to list a few of the athletes that not only have a well-built physique but also are very attractive and are sure to win the hearts of many Olympic fans.

Kristina Knott
Kristina Marie Knott is a Filipino-American track and field athlete who holds the national record for women’s 200 meters in the Philippines. With strict diet plans and regular training, she has maintained a bombshell of a body.

Kristina Marie Knott –MARIANNE BERMUDEZ

Luke Gebbie
Luke is also an athlete representing the Philippines in the Men’s 50m and 100m swimming races. This is his debut year in the Olympics and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us fans.

Picture by Quinn Rooney

Alica Schmidt
Alica is a 22-year-old German hurdler who has amassed over 2.1 million Instagram followers as well as has been named the sexiest athlete by various news magazines. She will definitely be the eye candy for the event.


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Arnaud Nordin
Arnaud Nordin is a 23-year-old French professional Footballer who looks like someone straight out of our football dreams, has been drafted to play on forward for the France Olympic football team.

Wang Shun
This 27-year-old handsome Chinese athlete looks incredible on camera and is sure to grab everyone’s attention this year since he has a very high chance of grabbing a Gold in the individual medley 200m race and with his looks.

By Oleg Bkhambri (Voltmetro) – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Yui Susaki
Don’t let that beautiful and innocent face fool you cause beneath that is a two-time world champion in Freestyle Wrestling. She is also the flag bearer for Japan this year so be sure to watch out for her excellent performance.

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Rustam Orujov
Rustam has a calm face but his strikes leave his opponents breathless. He started to practice judo from the early age of Seven and is very good at it. He won a silver medal back in the Rio Olympics and is determined to get gold this year.


Sam Mikulak
Samuel Anthony Mikulak, an American artistic gymnast competing at the Tokyo Olympics has a long list of awards to his name already. He revealed that he’s retiring from gymnastics after this event so everyone would be cheering for this hunk of a man.

Adrian de los Angeles

Devin Booker
A professional basketball player of Phoenix Suns of the NBA, with 4.4 million followers on Instagram and Kendall Jenner by his side is too hot to miss out. He is sure to rack in tons of points for the American Team this year.


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Bianca Pagdanganan
Filipino professional golfer, Bianca Pagdanganan, is a sensational inspiration for female athletes. She definitely has got an amazing physique, as well as an attractive personality and golf definitely suits her.

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