Top 10 Japanese Streamers On Twitch in 2024

Twitch, the leading streaming platform, holds 73% of the market share. Despite this, YouTube gaming is on the rise, and viewers are unhappy with Twitch’s recent revenue split and treatment of lesser-known streamers. Despite this, Twitch will remain the top streaming platform for at least the next couple of years.

Many Japanese streamers have taken to Twitch to pursue their dreams. Unfortunately, many of them are hesitant to speak English, making it difficult to reach a wider audience. However, new streamers continue to emerge every day. If you’re interested in who the top Japanese streamers are, we have compiled a list for you!

1. fps_shaka

Fps_shaka has emerged as a prominent figure in Japan’s streaming landscape, initially gaining recognition during the PUBG phenomenon. Presently, he captivates audiences through a variety of games, including Valorant, Escape from Tarkov, and League of Legends. 

His Twitch following has grown to over a million followers, while he garners approximately 20,000 concurrent viewers.

Shaka’s success can be attributed to a winning combination of remarkable gaming talent, an engaging persona, and a knack for connecting with his audience. As a true gaming aficionado, he brings a comprehensive understanding of game mechanics and strategies to his streams. 

These sessions are packed with exhilarating moments, as well as humor and lighthearted banter that effortlessly draw in his viewers.

Twitch Bio: fps_shaka


Having established himself as a popular streamer over the past few years, this charismatic gamer has amassed a legion of fans who delight in his engaging and humorous streams. 

In addition to his live streaming, he maintains a YouTube channel where he shares highlights from his gaming sessions.

Well-regarded for his comedic flair and entertaining persona, he has also ventured into content creation, producing several videos tailored specifically for his fans. 

As a professional gamer, he boasts an impressive competitive resume, having participated in numerous tournaments. A strong advocate and contributor within the gaming community, he consistently seeks opportunities to support and assist his fellow gamers.

Twitch Bio: stylishnoob4


Distinguishing himself as the first streamer on our list to actively stream FIFA while choosing not to partake in Escape from Tarkov, this talented gamer focuses primarily on Apex Legends, FIFA 23, and Valorant, though he can also be found enjoying occasional ARK sessions. 

Attracting an impressive 692,000 followers, his viewer count often exceeds 20,000, depending on the game being streamed. A unique aspect of his community is its exclusive Japanese-speaking nature. 

Having been a part of the streaming world since 2017, his streams are known for their high entertainment value, featuring interactive viewers and frequent giveaways. 

Interestingly, despite his popularity and following, this streamer has not yet secured a partnership with Twitch.

Twitch Bio: 加藤純一です

4.だるまいずごっど (darumaisgod)

With an impressive following of 517,000 on Twitch and an average viewership of 20,000, this gaming aficionado has carved a niche for himself in the realm of live streaming. 

Primarily known for his expertise in Escape from Tarkov and Valorant, he has also demonstrated his skill in other games, such as Mahjong and Super Smash Bros. Opting for a more enigmatic approach, he forgoes the use of a face cam, while his Twitch bio directs curious fans to his Twitter.

On YouTube, his channel boasts an astounding 1.12 million subscribers. Though his uploads have been less frequent of late, his reputation remains untarnished as a highly-skilled gamer with the ability to execute unmatched plays. 

His unwavering composure during nail-biting moments has further cemented his status as a gaming idol. As an exemplary role model, this gaming virtuoso continues to inspire and spark enthusiasm among a new generation of gamers.

Twitch Bio: だるまいずごっど


Experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity, this streamer’s channel has witnessed tremendous growth since 2021. From a modest 21,000 followers in February 2021, the count skyrocketed to an impressive 478,000 by December 2022. 

Identifying as a variety streamer, he frequently dabbles in an assortment of games, though his current favorites include Genshin Impact, League of Legends, Valorant, and Rust.

In addition to showcasing his gaming prowess, he often hosts “Just Chatting” sessions, welcoming his Japanese-speaking audience to engage in cozy conversations, further cementing the close-knit community he has fostered.

Twitch Bio: k4sen


Yuga Yamamoto, better recognized by his Twitch handle, sasatikk, is a 29-year-old Japanese Twitch streamer who has amassed a respectable following of 170,000 enthusiasts. 

His gaming forte comprises titles such as Escape from Tarkov, Rust, and Valorant, though a recent venture into Darker and Darker has also piqued his interest, diversifying the content showcased on his channel.

Twitch Bio: sasatikk


This former competitive Overwatch player was once a proud member of Japan’s roster for the Overwatch World Cup 2017. Having since retired from professional gaming, he has transitioned into streaming and built a substantial following of 436,000 fans. 

His live sessions predominantly feature Valorant and League of Legends gameplay, and recently, he has taken up Elden Ring as an addition to his gaming repertoire.

Twitch Bio: Jasper7se


Affiliated with the prestigious esports organization FNATIC, this formidable streamer has gained recognition not only for his imposing stature (standing at 190cm or 6’2″), but also for his exceptional skills in First Person Shooters (FPS) games. 

Renowned for his remarkable sniping abilities, he consistently captivates his audience with gameplay from titles such as Escape from Tarkov, Valorant, Overwatch 2, and Apex Legends.

Twitch Bio: SPYGEA

9.ありさか cr_arisakaaa

This Japanese streamer, boasting a following of 231,000 fans, primarily streams Escape from Tarkov and Valorant. 

However, he occasionally diversifies his content repertoire by showcasing gameplay from titles such as Minecraft, Tetris, and Super Smash Bros., though these streams are less frequent in comparison.

Twitch Bio: ありさか


As a Japanese FPS streamer who primarily focuses on Apex Legends and Valorant, he has accrued an impressive fan base with 393,000 Twitch followers. Maintaining a near-daily streaming schedule, he also runs a YouTube channel, amassing an incredible 986,000 subscribers. 

This channel features a wide range of content, including videos related to various games and engaging activities.

Twitch Bio: らっだぁ

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