Top 10 Japanese Streamers On Twitch in 2022

Despite recent backlash, Twitch has a 73% market share of the streaming platforms. Still, YouTube gaming’s on the rise, and audiences are still disappointed with Twitch’s recent revenue split and their treatment of lesser-known streamers. Still, it will be the top streaming platform for another couple of years at the minimum, and many Japanese have taken to Twitch to make their streamer dream a reality.

The majority of the Japanese usually are hesitant to speak English even if they can. So, these streamers also have a hard time growing to western audiences. Still, every day new streamers arise despite the struggles. So, if you’re interested in who are the top Japanese streamers right now, we’ve got just the list for you!

1. fps_shaka

At the time of writing, Japan’s top streamer is fps_shaka. He became famous during the PUBG days and currently streams games like Valorant, Escape from Tarkov, and League of Legends. He has over a million Twitch followers and around 20k concurrent viewers.

Twitch Bio: fps_shaka


He is affiliated with a gaming brand, Zeta Division, and has also started to average 20k viewers. He currently has 936k followers, and he’s sticking to Escape from Tarkov as his main game these days. His rage clip also became viral a few years ago.

Twitch Bio: stylishnoob4


He’s the first streamer on our list that actively streams FIFA and does not play Escape from Tarkov. His main games are Apex Legends, FIFA 23, and Valorant. He also plays ARK sometimes. He has 692k followers and averages above 20k viewers, depending on the game. Like the two streamers above, his community strictly speaks Japanese. One thing to note is that he isn’t yet a Twitch partner.

Twitch Bio: 加藤純一です

4.だるまいずごっど (darumaisgod)

He has 517k followers and averages a little less than 20k viewers. His main games are Escape from Tarkov and Valorant, but he also plays Mahjong and Super smash bros time to time. He does not have a face cam, and his bio on Twitch only links to his Twitter. He does have a YouTube channel with 1.12 Million subscribers; however, he last posted a long time ago.

Twitch Bio: だるまいずごっど


He started growing recently in 2021, and his channel has exploded over these past couple of years. He went from having 21k followers in February 2021 to 478k as of December 2022. He is a variety streamer and streams many different games from time to time, but Genshin Impact, League of Legends, Valorant, and Rust are his go-to games right now. He frequently has Just chatting streams, too, so it’s cozy to be in his chat if you understand Japanese.

Twitch Bio: k4sen


Yuga Yamamoto, or sasatikk as he’s known on Twitch, is a 29-year-old Japanese Twitch streamer with 170k followers. His top 3 games are Escape from Tarkov, Rust, and Valorant but his Darker and darker also seems to have grabbed his attention.

Twitch Bio: sasatikk


He used to compete in Overwatch and was on Japan’s rooster for Overwatch World Cup 2017. Now he’s retired and has become a streamer. He has 436k followers and streams Valorant and League of Legends and recently has picked up Elden ring.

Twitch Bio: Jasper7se


He is currently affiliated with FNATIC. He is popular because of his size (190cm, 6.2″) and his stream of First Person Shooters (FPS), and he is known for his sniping abilities. He regularly streams Escape from Tarkov, Valorant, Overwatch 2, and Apex Legends.

Twitch Bio: SPYGEA

9.ありさか cr_arisakaaa

He is a Japanese streamer with 231k followers and usually streams Escape from Tarkov and Valorant. He does stream other games like Minecraft, Tetris, Super Smash Bros, and so on, but they are infrequent.

Twitch Bio: ありさか


He is a Japanese fps streamer who mainly plays Apex Legends and Valorant. He has 393k followers and streams almost daily. He has 986k subscribers on his YouTube channel and posts videos related to varieties of games and activities. 

Twitch Bio: らっだぁ

Twitch is rapidly expanding as a different platform for marketing by influencers worldwide (for gamers). This is the case in Japan. Compared to other established platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, Twitch viewers have increased engagement with their preferred streamers, with a longer time to watch and greater interactions via live chat and Bits (donations). This will give marketers ample time to market their products to Japanese users, who are known for being cautious with their selections. Begin immediately, and you could have a chance to gain an edge over your rivals in one of the toughest markets around the globe.

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