Top 5 Car Insurance Companies In Japan

If you’ve recently moved to Japan, one of the first ordeals you might get into would be getting a mode of transport, ideally a car, for your daily activities. And with every car purchase, you definitely want to get insurance. But in a new country like Japan, with a completely different native language and an incredibly lengthy paperwork system.

We’ve done a little research and tried to find the best car insurance for any foreigner that has recently moved into Japan. Also, be sure to look for a contractor, as most companies would be more inclined to accept you if you have one. But not all companies on this list require you to get a contractor.


Car insurances in Japan

Zurich is recommended by many people and has some valuable features. Free towing up to 100km (equivalent to the distance between Tokyo and Atami) so that you can rest assured in the event of an accident during an outing! They have about 10,400 service locations nationwide and provide service 24 hours a day, all 365 days. If you urgently require a vehicle on behalf of the contracted vehicle, they’ll pay the rental fee for up to 24 hours.

Also, they’ll provide you with free transportation for the contracted vehicle back to your home after repair. If you get into any travel problems from an accident or other issues with the car, they’ll also pay for hotel pet expenses and help you refuel if you’re stuck somewhere with an empty tank (the government can actually fine you for running out of gas in the highway), they also offer on-site key creation.


Chubb is a go-to for foreigners in Japan. They have exceptionally well documentation in the English language, and you’ll have mostly no problems understanding the terms and conditions. Chubb Insurance Japan is rated AA- by Standard & Poor’s (as of July 2022). The company’s capital was 5 billion yen (as of March 2022), and its solvency margin was 1,210.1% (as of March 2022). However, they do not have cheap rates. They also have an informative brochure on their site in all English. They have a special “auto-mobile earthquake insurance” covering damage to vehicles due to natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis. However, they do have special discounts depending on the colour of your license and on selected insurance types.

Click HERE for their brochure

Sony Sonpo

Sony Sonpo’s main shtick is an “Emergency Support App.” Through this app, you can send your location to them during emergency conditions, such as during an accident. Their emergency personnel will rush to the accident scene after the request and speak to the other party on your behalf, and they have 25 service locations nationwide. One crucial fact is that they provide a 12% discount for people with gold licenses.

You can even make payments through Seven-Eleven convenience stores worldwide. Just tell the cashier that you’re paying for an internet purchase and hand them your payment slip number of 13 digits. However, there are no refunds for payments made using this method.

AIG General Insurance Company

AIG provides three types of car insurance. They are AAP ( Comprehensive auto insurance for households ), AAI ( General Insurance For Cars) and Mandatory Car Liability Insurance. AAP or Comprehensive Auto Insurance For Households is the type of insurance that depends upon your license, the car’s intended use, or the car’s model. It accepts individual customers only.

The AAI or the general insurance offers standard insurance to all types of vehicles to individual customers or corporate customers. They also offer the mandatory insurance you must have when purchasing a car or for an inspection. However, if you don’t understand Japanese/can’t read it too, navigating their site seems to be extremely difficult. 


The last entry on the list itself is not insurance; however, it will benefit you enormously if you decide to get it. JAF stands for Japan Automobile Federation. Their aim is to assist you during any unprecedented road troubles. They help you deal with minor problems that could be a real headache when encountered, such as a flat tire, keys locked in the car, dead batteries, fuel outage and towing problems. They are available 24/365 and have an excellent track record of over 50 years. They accept most vehicle types and even help you with your car during natural disasters.

They also seem to have a membership program of some sort and an additional policy where you can integrate JAF with insurance from other insurance companies. Everyone recommends JAF if you do some research online. While their services seem like they’d rarely be handy. they have low prices on them and when such issue does happen to you, you’ll be glad you had JAF. 



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