Ukraine’s First Lady Wears A Kimono-Inspired Jacket During An Interview With NHK

In an interview with Japanese television, Ukraine’s first lady wore a kimono-inspired jacket.

The wool pant-suit is part of the fall-winter 2022 collection by Ukrainian brand Bobkova. Marina Abramovic, a Serbian artist, apparently inspired this collection.

Designer Kristina Bobkova stated that Olena Zelenska today, the first lady of Ukraine, is a role model of freedom, resilience, and empowerment for women all over the globe. “The costume we made for her speaks to the femininity and strength of its owner.” The kimono jacket is made of sky blue, as are the straight trousers.

Zelenska spoke about a variety of subjects during her interview with NHK. She didn’t flinch while describing the ruthless attack on her homeland and described her meetings with important allies such as U.S. President and the U.S. House speaker Nancy Pelosi who recently made headlines with her controversial visit to Taiwan.

The tragic death of Liza, a 4-year-old girl from central Ukraine, in a missile attack in Vinnytsia was also a topic that Zelenska spoke about. This moment, however, made the first lady weep.
Ukraine's first lady wears a kimono
Zelenska also wore a pearl-gray trouser suit by Bobkova in her interview with another British journalist.

Zelenska has been the focus of attention since the Russo–Ukrainian conflict began. She was quick to mobilize her efforts for global support during Ukraine’s challenging times.

She was also featured on July’s cover of Vogue.


Source: Nextshark

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