Yui Susaki is Undefeated and You Won’t Believe What She’s Accomplished

At just 24 years old, Japanese wrestler Yui Susaki has already compiled one of the most impressive resumes in the history of the sport. She holds an astounding 72-0 record in international competition and has won a remarkable 12 gold medals across every age level.

Susaki’s international wins include the 2017 World Championships (48kg), 2018 World Championships (50kg), 2018 Klippan Lady Open (50kg), 2019 Asian Wrestling Championships (50kg), 2020 Olympics (50kg), 2021 Asian Championships (50kg), and 2022 World Championships (50kg).

A Rare “Grand Slam”

What makes Susaki’s undefeated streak even more astounding is that she has accomplished a “Grand Slam” in wrestling. She has won world titles at the schoolgirl, cadet, junior, and senior levels – a feat no other wrestler can claim.

Displaying Total Dominance

Susaki has won gold at four major tournaments without conceding a single point – the 2018 Worlds, 2020 Olympics, 2021 Asian Championships, and 2023 World Championships. This shows her incredible dominance. She is able to control her opponents from start to finish, and she rarely gives them any opportunity to score points.

The Meaning of Her Losses

While Susaki is undefeated internationally, she has lost three times in domestic competitions to her rival Yuki Irie in 2015, 2017 and 2019. However, domestic losses are weighed less than international losses.

There are a few reasons why domestic competitions are not typically considered to be as important as international competitions. First, the level of competition in international competitions is generally higher. Second, international competitions are typically more prestigious and have more riding on them. For example, a win at the World Championships or the Olympics can qualify an athlete for the next Olympic Games.

World Champion Once Again

in 2024, Susaki overcame injury to earn an Olympic spot for Japan and won her fourth senior world title. This proves her determination to bounce back from setbacks.

As Susaki heads towards 2024 as the favorite, she can further cement her legacy as perhaps the greatest female wrestler ever. But no matter what, her career so far puts her among the most dominant athletes.

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