Universal Studios Japan Announces Donkey Kong Country Expansion to Open in Spring 2024

Universal Studios Japan (USJ) announced an expansion of its popular Super Nintendo World area, with a new Donkey Kong Country zone set to open in spring 2024. The Donkey Kong-themed area will increase the total size of Super Nintendo World by approximately 70%.

Donkey Kong Country will transport guests into the jungle setting of the classic Donkey Kong video game franchise. It will feature lush greenery, tropical vegetation, and sights inspired by the games. The highlight attraction, called Mine Cart-Madness, is a first-of-its-kind “thrilling family coaster” simulating the experience of riding mine carts over collapsing roller coaster tracks – just like in the Donkey Kong games.

“We’ve greatly expanded interactivity and gameplay,” said a representative of Universal Studios Japan’s parent company Universal Destinations & Experiences. “We are bringing that same level of innovation to Donkey Kong Country with a first-of-its-kind thrilling family coaster.”

The Donkey Kong Country area will also offer interactive play experiences utilizing guests’ whole bodies as well as food, merchandise, and opportunities to accumulate digital points and track scores using the Super Nintendo World’s unique Power-Up Bands.

Universal Studios Japan president and CEO J.L. Bonnier said the new area will “deliver an amazing, one-of-a-kind Donkey Kong experience to fans across the globe.” Since opening in March 2021, Super Nintendo World has proven extremely popular. The Donkey Kong expansion aims to build on that success and increase the park’s overall guest capacity.

The family-friendly Donkey Kong franchise features the titular gorilla and his nephew Diddy Kong. Created by legendary Nintendo video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, Donkey Kong and friends have entertained generations of gamers in titles like Donkey Kong Country on Super Nintendo.

Donkey Kong Country is expected to further boost tourism and economic activity around Universal Studios Japan as the Nintendo-themed attractions continue appealing strongly to visitors both domestically and abroad.

The number of visitors from regions outside Asia is increasing dramatically, according to USJ CMO Taku Murayama, citing rising visitors particularly from North America and Australia. By enhancing the experiential value with the DONKEY KONG COUNTRY expansion, USJ is looking to continue attracting guests from around the world.

Look for more updates on Donkey Kong Country and its various play experiences and attractions as the spring 2024 launch date approaches. Super Nintendo World fans worldwide are sure to be going bananas with anticipation.

Source: Comcast

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