A Vegan Passenger Got Served Just A Banana In Japan Airlines Business Class

Kris Chari was surprised that the vegan meal he was served on his business class flight from Jakarta to Tokyo was a single banana. The other passengers were served a seared tuna dish with Moroccan-inspired eggplant salad, cheese with salsa orange, and a baguette.

Chari wanted more variety and felt it needed to be an adequate meal for a business-class traveler. He expressed his dissatisfaction on the aviation forum FlyerTalk.

Japan Airlines responded to Chari’s complaint, apologizing for not meeting his expectations. They also noted that they are working to improve their vegan menu options in response to the increasing demand from customers.

Chari was served a mild spaghetti dish for his second vegan meal. While it was an improvement from the banana, he still felt it needed to be revised to the standard of a business-class meal.

Source: Insider

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