Watch How Japan Cares For The People On Wheelchairs In Trains

Most developing countries lack in many areas, especially in places like public amenities, vital safety equipment, and maintaining our facilities.

Especially for the differently-abled among us, small amenities like elevators and escalators rarely get repaired. Public property to assist them isn’t taken care of by other individuals at all.

However, Japan isn’t like any other country. Some islands have expensive healthy Koi living in drains, there are vending machines for everything, and recently there are even plans to give every child below 18 in age, 100,000 yen!

Here is another example of how Japan goes out of its way to treat everyone equally. In the video above, we can see how an employee at the station waits for a train to arrive and if any person needs help getting in/out of the train through a wheelchair, he then takes the ramp so that the person in a wheelchair can easily get on of the train.

Let’s pray that this ramp service will encourage the transport system of other countries to become more accommodating to the disabled.

Source: Facebook

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