Which Anime Character Is the Strongest?

In the realm of anime, strong lead characters are in plentiful supply. A common theme in anime and manga, especially in the Shonen subgenre, is the portrayal of a brave young protagonist who overcomes every challenge that stands in their way, even when it seems like they are in a difficult situation. It implies that a huge number of characters could be considered to be the “strongest of all time.”


But if every main character could conquer any challenge put in their path, who would win if all anime universes collided in a single combat royale?

We make an effort to respond to that question even though no one can provide a definitive response. For, you know, scientific reasons. Here are the comments made by anime enthusiasts in response to a particularly challenging question.

Spoilers alert!

Saitama from “One-Punch Man”

“Normally, I’d go with Goku [of Dragon Ball], but it is obvious that Saitama is meant to stand in for the most powerful anime character ever. Saitama didn’t even break a sweat in any of his fights, regardless of how his character was created.”—24-year-old Joshua Zamora

“Because he vanquishes his adversaries without even trying.” 32-year-old Anton Honrado

“In my opinion, the strongest anime character of all time has to be Saitama from One-Punch Man. And i believe a lot of people will concur. His superhuman power allows him to destroy all of his foes with a single blow. So far, nobody has seriously hurt him or beaten him. He appears so ordinary and has a different aesthetic from the superhero clichés we are accustomed to, yet he has the power to defeat extinction-level threats with a single punch (without putting his back into it). He could probably defeat any other anime hero, including Goku.” —24-year-old Raphael Banico

anime character Saitama

“Unlike other Shonen heroes like Goku from Dragon Ball, Ichigo from Bleach, and Luffy from One Piece, he lacks special abilities. Saitama is most well-known for his unique ability to strike an opponent once with such force that, depending on how much he suppresses his true power, they either pass out or die. Even against more formidable and interstellar foes like Boros and Garou, who can block his punch, this still holds. Even the toughest opponents for Saitama sustain severe injuries with just one of his punches due to the force of each one.”— 22-year-old Joseph Raphael L. Perez

“The designer of One-Punch Man… developed a character who is all-powerful from the start, whose primary character attribute is simply that he is the most powerful being on earth, rather than perseverance or sacrifice. Typically, the main character in a Shonen manga or anime overcomes a threat by appearing to push themselves to the limit, only for another, the more potent threat to arrive, and so on.”

“In contrast, One-Punch Man shows the world of Saitama growing in power in a wink-wink-nod-nod scenario where the reader or audience pretends there is a chance Saitama won’t win even though everyone knows it’s going to end in one punch. One-Punch Man has therefore rendered the argument irrelevant because of the genre’s self-awareness and the surrounding meta-narrative.” — Forest Candelaria, 29


Satoru Gojo from “Jujutsu Kaisen”

“His talent effectively gives him total control over space. He can prevent any of his adversary’s attacks from ever actually hitting him. They simply struck the limitless space between the attack and him instead.” 25-year-old Martin Ablanza

“Given the abundance of anime series, it’s difficult to rank them. The answer depends on the circumstances. Furthermore, it depends on how you define “strongest.” Satoru Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen is my choice because, in my opinion, the strongest person is one who possesses both intelligence and muscle. The guy is easily the strongest Jujutsu sorcerer with his Six Eyes and Limitless, as well as being tactical, intelligent, cunning, and brutal when he wants to be.”

“In close quarters or at a distance, he can completely destroy an opponent. He was on the verge of passing away but used the reverse cursed technique to save himself. Although I do not like his personality, the man is too dominant.” —Pam Luber, age 29


Ryomen Sukuna from “Jujutsu Kaisen” 

“I believe Sukuna has a strong track record, being the undisputed king of curses… He is superior to Gojo because he is the “king of curses.” — Eric, 31


Son Goku from “Dragon Ball”

“The man is immortal. He simply gets stronger after doing so. He may also figuratively blow up a planet.”— 25-year-old Hans Natividad

Son Goku

“Since I grew up with him, he has a very special place in my heart. I will be honest and say that.” —28-year-old Mathew Yuhico


Rimuru Tempest from “Slime Isekai” 

“He can mimic the abilities of anyone. It is blatantly dishonest, and he keeps the abilities indefinitely.” —Pio Dumayas, age 26


Arataka Reigen from “Mob Psycho 100” 

“Despite not having any special abilities, he repeatedly avoided disaster. He also knows how to lie his way out of any situation. Naturally, Mob is also quite strong, but without Reigen, Mob wouldn’t be where he is now.” —Kirana, thirty.


Alucard from “Hellsing”

“The skills that Alucard demonstrates early in the series are fairly simple. He possesses the power of a vampire, quickness, and immortality. His go-to weapons are two large caliber handguns, each loaded with bullets that can obliterate zombies.”

“However, the true strength of Alucard lies in his ability to devour his adversaries and then later summon them as familiars. In one iconic scene, Alucard commands armies of Wallachian and Ottoman soldiers to fight alongside him. Forewarning: After devouring an adversary who has the ability to exist and not exist at will, Alucard comes the closest to dying. Alucard vanishes as a result, and it is assumed that he is “dead.” But when Alucard eventually reappears, he is not only still immortal, but also fully in charge of his existence and able to appear wherever he pleases.” — EA Aguirre, 30


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