Why You Should Never Put Your Suitcase on the Bed

For years, travelers have been unknowingly bringing home more than just souvenirs from their trips. The wheels of our trusty suitcases, which have traversed busy city streets, airport bathrooms, and hotel hallways, are hiding a dirty secret: they’re covered in germs, grime, and potentially even pests like bedbugs.

According to tidying expert Marie Kondo, who sparked a cleaning revolution with her Netflix series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo,” one of the first things she does when returning from a trip is wipe down her suitcase wheels.

This simple yet often overlooked step can make a huge difference in maintaining a clean and healthy home.

When I first heard about Kondo’s suitcase cleaning routine, I was skeptical. However, after taking a closer look at my own luggage, I was shocked by what I found.

The wheels of my suitcase, which had recently been to New York City, New Orleans, and London, were caked with dirt, grime, and who knows what else.

It took several Clorox wipes to fully clean each wheel, revealing just how much filth they had accumulated during my travels.

But suitcase wheels aren’t the only part of your luggage you should be concerned about. Bedbugs, which have become an increasingly common problem in hotels and homes around the world, can easily hitch a ride on your suitcase and infest your bed at home.

This is why it’s so important to always use the luggage rack provided in your hotel room, rather than placing your suitcase directly on the bed or floor.

Luggage racks, which have been a staple in hotel rooms since the late 19th century, are designed to keep your suitcase elevated and away from potential pest hiding spots.

However, many travelers overlook this amenity, opting instead to place their luggage on the bed for easy access to their belongings. If a luggage rack isn’t immediately visible in your room, be sure to check the closet, as they’re often stored there.

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For those who prefer to pack at home, investing in a luggage rack can be a game-changer. These affordable accessories, which can be found on Amazon for less than $50, provide a designated space for your suitcase that keeps it off your bed and floor.

Plus, having a luggage rack in your guest room can help avoid awkward conversations with visitors who may not be aware of the importance of keeping their luggage off the bed.

In addition to using luggage racks, there are other steps you can take to ensure a cleaner packing experience. If you use packing cubes, consider laying out your clothing on the bed and then transferring them to the cubes before placing them in your suitcase on the floor or luggage rack.

Alternatively, placing a towel on your bed before packing can provide a barrier between your luggage and your bedding.

As travelers become more aware of the potential health hazards associated with luggage, it’s likely that more people will adopt cleaner packing habits.

In a recent poll conducted by AFAR, 88% of respondents said they either pack their suitcase on the floor, on a luggage rack, or using another method that keeps it off the bed.

However, that still leaves 12% of people who continue to place their luggage directly on their bed.

By making small changes to your packing routine, such as using a luggage rack and wiping down your suitcase wheels after each trip, you can help keep your home clean and free from unwanted germs and pests.

So the next time you’re preparing for a trip, remember: the extra effort to keep your luggage off the bed is well worth it for your health and peace of mind. Happy (and clean) travels!

User Comments:

  1. “I had a B&B and it really annoyed me when people put their suitcases on the spare single bed with a white cover. Would they do it at home?” –
  2. “Absolutely agree. Wheels are dirty and the suitcase may have picked up bedbugs in transit with all the other luggage. Put it on the luggage rack provided or other isolated surface.”
  3. “Never in a million years would I ever put a suitcase on my bed. I also don’t put anything on any hotel bed and as soon as I get in there, I immediately strip the top cover back.”
  4. “Never thought about how much dirt a suitcase takes with it on its journey”
  5. “I normally use a duffel bag, and sometimes it gets set on the ground or floors. So I guess the same principles would apply. From now on I’ll look at the bottom of the duffel before I set it anyplace if there’s no luggage rack.”

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