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  • 8 reasons Japan is so clean

    While Japan has some environmental problems it has yet to thoroughly understand and tackle, such as garbage in the Seto Inland Sea, overall, it’s a pretty clean country. The cities in particular are extremely well looked after. Graffiti is rare, people seldom throw trash on the ground and there are no signs warning of a […]

  • World Most Top 10 Beautiful Airports Terminals

    Airports are an essential part of our travels and also our lives. They are a point of departure and arrival, transitional spaces, points of meeting or separation … Every time we fly, we spend at least a few hours in the airport, so it’s always a pleasant surprise when the airport is comfortable and it’s […]

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    Japan has a rich storytelling tradition, a big part of which is horror. And that tradition feeds directly into film. That means Japan’s horror cinema is amazing…if you know the right films to watch. If you’re looking for the absolute best and scariest Japanese horror movies out there, look no further. It doesn’t get better […]

  • 10 things foreigners in Japan notice about Japanese phone culture

      Is Japanese smartphone culture really so different from other countries? Foreigners weigh in… Life’s really changed since we all graduated from flip-phones to smartphones. Now we all have tiny computers in our pockets which we can use to stay connected (and browse funny cat videos). But in Japan, which has always had its own […]

  • Mr. Sato marries a handsome anime man in VR at Tokyo Game Show 2017

    They say VR is a powerful tool, but is it enough to make our grizzled reporter swoon like a blushing bride? It is said that for many women a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime day in which she becomes the star and sole focal point of her world. And of course, if the husband-to-be was a […]

  • Amazing Vending machine that serves handmade gyoza in Japan .

    This restaurant-machine fusion is one small step for vending, one giant leap for vending-machine-kind. There are approximately 2.5 million vending machines in Japan and each one has a story, but none so enticing as a machine rumored to vend handmade gyoza 24 hours a day, seven days a week, rain or shine. Our reporter Masanuki […]

  • Japan is experimenting with robotic construction because there aren’t enough workers

    As Japan prepares for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, its become clearer that their massive labor shortage is becoming a big problem. So Komatsu, the second largest construction company in the world based in Japan, is turning away from human workers to robotics. Restrictions to visas for blue-collar workers has caused the worst labor shortage in 20 […]

  • Tokyo is getting ready to host the most advanced Olympics ever

    The 2020 Tokyo Olympics is poised to be the most futuristic one yet. We had an inkling that the 2020 games would introduce new, high-tech features when Japan announced they were trialing a driverless taxi service to use in the 2020 Olympic games. But we’ve recently gotten on input on the different innovations spectators can look forward to […]

  • North Korea : What message is Kim Jong Un trying to send?

    This latest missile launch was not unexpected.South Korean intelligence sources had reported movement of North Korean launch vehicles early last week, while there had been speculation a test would be timed to coincide with a national holiday on 9 September. Had that happened, it would have been interpreted as a show of strength by Kim […]

  • India launches first bullet train project

    This handout photograph released by India”s Press Information Bureau (PIB) on September 14, 2017 shows Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (L) and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe looking at a railway station model at a ground breaking ceremony for the Mumbai-Ahmedabad high speed rail project in Ahmedabad. India”s first bullet train project, a $19-billion initiative […]