Carolina Shiino, Born in Ukraine, Won the 56th annual Miss Japan Pageant

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Carolina Shiino, a 26-year-old model from Nagoya, has made history by becoming the first naturalized Japanese citizen to win the prestigious Miss Japan title.

She was crowned the Grand Prix winner of the 56th Miss Japan Contest 2024 on January 22nd in Tokyo, after impressing the judges with her beauty, grace, and intelligence.

Shiino’s victory was not only a personal triumph, but also a testament to her mother’s love and sacrifice. Shiino was born in Ukraine and moved to Japan with her mother when she was only five years old. She acquired Japanese citizenship in 2022.

Her mother, who had married a Japanese man, wanted to give her daughter a better life and a chance to embrace her Japanese heritage. Shiino grew up speaking Japanese and learning about the culture, but she also faced discrimination and bullying because of her appearance. She often wondered if she truly belonged in Japan.

She decided to enter the Miss Japan contest to challenge herself and to prove that she was a proud Japanese woman. She also wanted to use the platform to promote diversity and inclusion in Japan, and to inspire others who felt different or marginalized.

She said, “My goal became to create a society where people are not judged by their appearance, leading me to enter the contest.”

Shiino’s dream came true when she heard her name announced as the Grand Prix winner. She burst into tears of joy and gratitude, and thanked her family, especially her mother, who was watching from the audience.

She said, “Mom, I won the Grand Prix.” While thanking her for bringing her to Japan and making her Japanese.

Shiino, who stands at 172 cm, has a variety of hobbies and skills, such as walking, yoga, mountain climbing, model walking, and posing. Her motto is “A high mountain is not noble because of its height.”

Her aspiration is to become a refined woman who cherishes the Japanese spirit. She will represent Japan in the upcoming Miss Universe pageant, where she hopes to show the world the beauty and strength of Japanese women.

Japan, despite its reputation for being a homogeneous and harmonious society, has often faced accusations of racism and discrimination against foreigners and minorities, as evidenced by these comments about the Miss Japan selection:

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