Heartwarming Gesture by ANA Flight Attendants Touches Passenger Studying Japanese

A heartwarming story emerged from a passenger’s experience on an All Nippon Airways (ANA) flight to Okinawa, Japan. The passenger, who was diligently studying Japanese kanji characters during the flight, was surprised and delighted to receive a handwritten note from the flight attendants.

Here is an English translation of the contents:

Thank you for flying with us today 🙂 Seeing you studying Japanese so diligently on the plane left a great impression on us. How wonderful! As Japanese people, it makes us very happy. Unfortunately the weather is poor as Typhoon #5 is approaching Okinawa, but please take care and have a good trip!

In the thoughtful note, written in Japanese with helpful furigana phonetic guides, the ANA crew thanked the passenger for flying with them and complimented the passenger’s impressive dedication to learning Japanese. They expressed how happy it made them, as Japanese people, to see a foreigner so enthusiastically studying their language and culture.

The flight attendants also made note of an approaching typhoon near Okinawa, wishing the passenger a safe trip despite the unfortunate weather. As a touching finishing touch, the letter was accompanied by cute origami cranes.

Other passengers chimed in with their own stories of exceptional hospitality and care shown by ANA flight crews, from preparing special meals for young children to going out of their way to speak English on domestic Japanese flights when a foreign passenger was aboard. Many commented that ANA was their favorite airline due to the consistently stellar service.

The original poster and other commenters expressed how much these gestures of kindness and personal connection from the ANA staff warmed their hearts.

In an era where air travel can often feel impersonal and purely transactional, ANA’s small but meaningful efforts to engage with their passengers and make them feel welcome left a lasting positive impression.

This simple act of goodwill from the ANA crew is a beautiful example of how a little bit of human kindness, cultural exchange and personal attention can go a long way in brightening someone’s day, or even their entire travel experience.

In reaching out to connect with and encourage this studious passenger, the flight attendants embodied the values of hospitality, respect and cross-cultural appreciation. Gestures like these spread more light in the world.

User Comments:

  1. “I had a similar experience with ANA when I was flying with my young daughter. The flight attendants went above and beyond to make sure she was comfortable and even held her while taking care of other passengers’ requests. It’s the little things that make a big difference!”
  2. “ANA’s customer service is truly unparalleled. I remember when a flight attendant noticed me reading manga and offered to help me with any words I didn’t understand. Their genuine interest in connecting with passengers is so refreshing and makes flying with them a joy.”
  3. “As someone who often travels to Japan for business, I always choose ANA when possible. Their attention to detail, friendliness, and professionalism are consistent across every flight. It’s clear that they truly care about their passengers’ well-being and experience.”
  4. “This story reminds me of my own experience studying Japanese. Whenever I’ve had the chance to practice with native speakers, they’ve always been so encouraging and appreciative of my efforts. It’s heartening to see that same spirit of support and cultural exchange exemplified by the ANA crew.”
  5. “I’ve flown with many airlines over the years, but none compare to the level of service and personal touch that ANA provides. From the moment you step on board, you feel welcomed and valued as a passenger. These small gestures, like the note to the studying passenger, showcase the heart and soul of the company and its employees.”


  1. I got to travel with ANA a year ago when I lost my flight with JAL. The level of service in Economy section was outstanding to say the least. The food had that fermented smell so I did not like it. But the attendants were the best.

  2. I flew with ANA this past April and was so amazed at the helpfulness of the flight attendants. They went out of their way to get your hand carry up into the bins without any problems. Mahalo for your kindness and your sweet smiles.
    Many airlines just watch you struggle while other passengers help you cuz I’m disabled.

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