Historic Japanese Home with Huge Property for Under $5,000 USD

For Americans dreaming of a new life in the Japanese countryside, this listing presents an incredible opportunity. A 155-year-old traditional wooden house, built in 1868, is for sale for just ¥770,000 or around $5,000 USD (using an exchange rate of ¥158 to $1 USD).

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Located in the town of Miyako in Fukuoka Prefecture on the southern island of Kyushu, the property offers a taste of old Japan with its charming architecture and massive plot of land. The main house provides a spacious 97.68m² (1,051 sq ft) of living space in a 5 bedroom, 1 dining room, 1 kitchen layout. Perfect for a large family or multi-generational living.

But perhaps the biggest draw is the enormous 789.87m² (8,502 sq ft) lot that the house sits on. This huge expanse of land is essentially unheard of in densely populated Japan, especially at this rock-bottom price point. The listing also notes that the property includes a separate wooden warehouse building.

While aged and in need of some renovation work, the home’s classic features like tiled roof and rustic wood construction could be beautifully restored and modernized by the new owners. The tranquil countryside setting provides lovely views of rice fields and mountains.

The property is located a 34-minute walk from Shintoyotsu Station on the Heisei Chikuho Line. It’s also incredibly convenient to major sights like the historic Toyotsu Kokubunji Ruins Park with the famous Toyotsu Kokubunji Triple Pagoda, just a 10-minute walk away.

For those looking to embrace a slower pace of life surrounded by nature, traditional culture, and history, this diamond-in-the-rough listing could be an absolute steal. The asking price of just ¥770,000 or under $5,000 USD for such a sprawling home and land makes it an enticing option for Americans looking to make the move to Japan.

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  1. I am Interested how do I contact with the seller or how do I make the payments securely what is the term and condition for overseas.

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