Japanese Women Pushes Her Son From 23rd Floor In A Suicide Murder Attempt

A woman was taken into custody Wednesday after allegedly pushing her son, who is nine years old, to the point of death from the roof of a Tokyo hotel, according to police.

Japanese women murders her son

The police believe that the 47-year-old woman was attempting to commit murder-suicide that involved her son and 7-year-old daughter and herself by jumping off the emergency staircase on the 23rd floor in the Hotel Kabukicho within the city’s Shinjuku Ward.

The woman has admitted to pushing her son off the stairs, as per the police.

The arrest was made when a policeman discovered the victim lying on the ground on the Hotel premises after hearing a loud sound at about 7 a.m.

Japanese women pushes son to murder

The officer then observed a person at the emergency stairs on the 23rd level, and when he went to investigate, he found the woman inside the hallway in the same room.

She is said to have been admitted to at the Hotel with two of her children Tuesday night, according to the police.

Women pushes her son murder

Hotel where the incident took place


Source: Kyodo

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