Panasonic’s New Companion Robot Can Fart And That’s It.

Panasonic’s new companion robot is a “weak” robot and it farts. That’s it. 

Robotic technology is advancing steadily and has reached the point where they can now be programmed to perform various things, such as stocking shelves and cheerleading. However, in the race to develop brighter, more powerful, and more agile robots often, we overlook the true worth of doing nothing.

Panasonic describes Nicobo as a “weak robot” that does not do much. It moves around, wags its tail, talks, and then looks at you. Doing so gives you companionship and a sense of dependence as you’ll need to carry it around with you everywhere.

Beautiful robots for companionship are certainly not new to Japan; however, Nicobo features a unique subroutine that differentiates it from other robots by letting it fart!

For millennia, the human race has been shattered by the dual-edged weapons that are the farts. As a source of laughter and joy that transcends both time and culture, farts are essential for society, but they can also be accompanied by unpleasant smells that make them despicable in most social settings. Robotic farts, on the contrary, come with all the benefits and have no cons, which means they can achieve a maximum farting rate that exceeds armpit farts by at least 117.895 percent.

In addition to a flurry, Nicobo can learn some Japanese phrases over time. This all comes in a 23-by-18-cm (9-by-7-inch) ball that weighs around 1.5 kg (3.3 pounds) and is covered with a knit fabric that is available in three colors: stone grey, smoke navy, or shell pink.

The Nicobo model costs 60,500 Japanese dollars (US 448), and it comes with an annual fee of around 1,100 dollars ($8) to cover updates to its intelligence. A technician care service and a knit replacement can also be bought in one-time installments or incorporated into the month-long plan.

Orders in advance for Nicobo are now being accepted. General sales will start on the 16th of May. Check it out if you’re looking for someone to sit at home for hours, eating a lot of food and paying rent but don’t have one.


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